Exclusive BlizzCon Hearthstone Dev Interview with Hamilton Chu

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Icy Veins sat down with Executive Producer Hamilton Chu at BlizzCon 2015 to ask your questions about the state of Hearthstone for everyone from casual players to eSports fans and pro gamers alike. Here's what we learned:


1. Regular content updates are in the pipeline. While new features - such as new game modes, tournaments, or a better spectating experience - are things that players would love to see added to the game, the development team is focused primarily on continuing to add new content.



Hamilton Chu


2. Win condition options are important to the developers. If you haven't seen the video with 2014 world champion Firebat discussing win conditions, it's worth watching for context. Whether players want to play fast games, control styles, or with cards where a lot of unexpected and hilarious outcomes can occur - there should be decks for all of those types of Hearthstone fans to enjoy.


3. We don't know yet whether or not Conquest format will continue into 2016. The developers saw broad positives in utilizing Conquest over Last Man Standing in terms of the range of classes brought and played at BlizzCon 2015, but they're open to changes to iterate on the format and improve it for next year.


The League of Explorers is the newest Hearthstone adventure/expansion.


4. The developers have no immediate plans to improve upon the new player or free-to-play experience. Chu indicated that "the free experience has to be really good," but did not think any changes were forthcoming. Asked specifically about something like discounting Curse of Naxxramas, the oldest adventure, we were told that the adventure experience still has value and is compelling in and of itself.


5. No additional 'free' content like Tavern Brawl is on the horizon. The development team is really happy with the game mode and stresses that outside of content packages, none of the new 'features' of the game have had an associated cost, but there are no plans at this time for additional game modes or features.




6. Arena improvements have been discussed. Chu said he didn't have anything to formally announce, but "I promise you there are words written on a list somewhere." It's a prioritization problem, and the team has lots of ideas for Arena, but they have been focusing on content updates like League of Explorers recently.


7. Over 10 billion games of Hearthstone have been played by over 40 million accounts. The team is really thrilled with the reception the game has gotten.


8. No specific changes to Ranked play are inbound. The general feeling of getting routine rewards on a predictable cycle (monthly) has been good for the game thus far, but the team is continuing to discuss new options and ways to improve upon it. Chu did specifically note that there are things about the current model that they are unhappy with, so while no specific or immediate alterations may be planned, it's probably safe to expect some tweaks in 2016.

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      Despite the age of the K&C meta, there is still plenty of room for innovation and experimentation in the aging meta.
      With the release of The Witchwood looming on the horizon our days with the K&C metagame are numbered. Despite the fact that we've had more than 3 months to "solve" this set's metagame, Blizzard's most recent Off-Meta Spotlight highlights the fact that this meta still has plenty of life.
      The spotlight covers three decks which do not see widespread play, but have been performing well at the higher ranks of Legend nonetheless. The thread connecting all three of these decks is their strength against control decks, which tend to become more and more prevalent as you climb the ranks of the ladder. If you're currently struggling against control decks, you could do a lot worse than to try out one of these three off-meta lists:

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      This thread is for comments about our Big Priest Deck List Guide.
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      PC Gamer sat down with the Senior Game Designer and talked about The Witchwood and some general Hearthstone topics. 
      Starting with the recently announced The Witchwood, Dean "Iksar" Ayala confirmed that there are no more odd and even cards than the six that have already been revealed. The team is also going "pretty light" on Start of the Game effects, like the ones represented by Genn Greymane and Baku the Mooneater.
      The Witchwood will have no Charge minions, given that the new "Rush" keyword is being added to the game with this expansion. However, the team hasn't ruled out Charge completely for the future, although they will have to be extra careful with balancing Charge cards. They are also planning on printing more one-off hero cards like Hagatha, the upcoming Shaman hero. Lastly, we have a little hint about one of the four classes in the Monster Hunt: it's going to have Hunter traps, but will also use cards from another class (probably the alternative Rogue hero, the Tracker).
      Dean also talked about more general Hearthstone stuff. For example, Team 5 isn't considering card trading as an option at the moment. They also think that stat tracking isn't necessary for the majority of the player base; the game has minimal stat tracking at the moment and more of it will only burden the user interface with too much information. Finally, there was mention of the tournament mode: it's not going to have an Arena mode in the beginning, although Dean thinks it's an excellent idea. It will start with a ban feature and Iksar interestingly revealed that the team considered (not so seriously) the idea of adding bans to Ladder too.
      You can read the entire interview on PC Gamer; other topics are also discussed, like Corridor Creeper, the cost of the game and more!
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      Two new Echo cards, as well as some of the history of The Witchwood, were revealed today in a video with game designer Peter Whalen.
      Today's Hearthside Chat with game designer Peter Whalen revealed two new Echo cards as it discussed the design history of The Witchwood, which apparently started out as "Murder On The Gilnean Express". You can view the entire Hearthside Chat here, where Peter discusses some of the things that the design team tried out before settling on Echo:
      Hearthside Chat Video
      Warpath and Face Collector

      Card Images courtesy of Hearthpwn.com
      Warpath strikes me as a flexible tool for aggressive decks and an enabler for while damaged effects. Sleep with the Fishes will rotate from standard when Warpath becomes legal, but this card doesn't strike me as a direct replacement for it. Warpath doesn't do a great job of cleaning up midsize boards before they get out hand, and has a lot of overlap with Scourgelord Garrosh's Hero Power. However, it has much more utility with cards like Acolyte of Pain, and can be used on its own in the late game to handle most threats. It might not be as efficient as Defile, but I expect this one to see play.
      Face Collector is the first truly dynamic Echo card we've seen, as its random Battlecry can put players in a position where they are forced to choose between playing additional copies of Face Collector or playing one of the random Legendary minions it just drew them. Rogue decks tend not to be slow or controlling in nature, which makes me a bit suspect as to how strong this card will actually be in practice. It doesn't buy you a lot of tempo when played on curve, but it has the ability to provide INSANE value if you can cast 3 times in a single turn. If there's a value-oriented Rogue deck to be had when the new set comes out, I expect Face Collector to be a part of it.
      Murder on the Gilnean Express
      As much as I love new card spoilers, my favorite part of today's video was when Peter Whalen discussed the design history of The Witchwood. He shared that the set was initially themed as a murder mystery titled "Murder on the Gilnean Express", and included a number of designs which played up this theme.

      One ability they tried out was called "Investigate", where you built a minion's abilities up over a series of Discover effects. This design sounds fun and skill testing, but it may have proved to be a bit too time consuming in practice.

      Another ability they tried out was called "Mystery", which is explained on card image above. I really like the design behind Mystery and hope to see it show up in a future set, even if only on a single card and not as a new keyword ability.

      Ghostly cards were one of the precursors to Echo. They tried out several designs of Ghostly while the set was still murder mystery themed, and at one point Ghostly read as "discard this card at the end of your turn". As they moved away from the old theme and towards the new one, they eventually settled on Echo as the new keyword ability for a variety of reasons. It fit well with the set's new theme, and it provided players with interesting decisions to make throughout the game.
      If you'd like to learn more about The Witchwood, check out our expansion hub right here!
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      We'll get to see 25 new cards in the first week of Witchwood spoilers.
      The full Witchwood card reveal schedule was announced today, detailing the art, names, and times of the 55 cards which will be spoiled over the next two weeks.
      The first week of Witchwood spoilers will brings us 25 cards.  Some of the community members spoiling cards include Thijs, Eurogamer, Alliestraza, Ddahyoni, and Omnislash:
      The Witchwood Week One Card Reveal Schedule
      The second week of spoilers packs 30 cards, and includes spoilers from Kripp, Disguised Toast, IGN, Savjz, Trump,  and Dog:
      The Witchwood Week Two Card Reveal Schedule
      Edit: I made a mistake in the initial post by improperly sourcing the names of the cards. For the full list of the 55 card names, please hop on over to Hearthpwn.com.