What's Everyone Think of Towers of Doom?

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As the title points out, have you tried the new Towers of Doom battleground yet? I've gotten a few matches in with it since it released a week ago. For anyone who hasn't played it yet, here's the trailer/overview from Blizzard



I used to stream my main Abathur primarily, but started filling in Hero League so as to avoid all the toxicity. I was definitely curious to see how it'd play out with Abathur since I usually focus a locust pushing / siege build. Which is one of the more common routes to go with him. I think I've had one match, maybe two, as Abathur on Towers of Doom.


It's interesting since you can have a major impact on the keeps, despite the fact that you can't push to the core. Honestly though, I didn't realize until watching this trailer that the sapper mercenary camp can deal damage to the enemy core. There's a few little things like that, that I didn't realize. I feel like most people still don't know about the missiles being shot over when you capture all keeps.


It can be harder on this battleground to soak and take advantage of Abathur, but I think like every one, it comes down to your skill and adapting. I haven't tried using the locust spawn talent to take a sapper camp yet, but I'm sure it's nothing crazy. Another thing it took me forever to realize how it works is the tunnel. As Abathur, you generally stay away from mid anyway, but that tunnel screws you up even more.


Unlike other battlegrounds where a lane is pushing and you can safely move up along it, you're screwed because there's only two keeps per lane. Preventing you from moving up far and then the tunnel is just like another NAAAA BEE, STAY IN DAT BASE. I've got around 300 games in as Abathur, so I still have a bunch of fun regardless. The clone always ends up being worthwhile.


What's everyone think? Yay, nay? New battleground that you hate or love?

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I don't like it.


The idea of a smaller, less conventional map is really nice, but it feels really anticlimactic on winning (and even worse on losing). Every other map has a good alternative to taking the objective, but I've never seen anyone win without winning most of the objectives. That feels kinda bad.


Still, it's a fun map for teamfights and ganks.  =)

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Hmmm, i don't know. At first I really disliked the map. It's the only map, where you can't get ahead in XP by doing objectives. All you get, are some shots on the core. (or is there any XP for capturing? don't think so)

But while this can be annoying as the winning team, this also allows some epic comebacks. I have played games, where my team was 10-40 behind and still won in the end.


Now I kinda like the map. I think it is really different to the other maps and a welcome diversion.

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