Lifecoach is the winner of the 2015 Celestial Invitational

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The special edition Celestial Invitational, organized by the well-known Hearthstone Chinese team Team Celestial, concluded yesterday. Lifecoach claimed the first place and $10,000 with it.

The Celestial Invitational featured the 8 previews winners of the Celestial Championship Series held in China only, along with 8 invited international players. These 16 players battled for a total prize pool of $25,000 ($10,000 first, $5,000 second, $2,500 third and fourth, $1,250 fifth to eight place).


Winners of Celestial Championship Series

  • Blue
  • Shadowy
  • Kimmy
  • Zoro
  • Jiesha
  • Chaoshen
  • Fuoliver
  • Brarose


Invited players

  • Kolento
  • Thijs
  • Lifecoach
  • Firebat
  • Eloise
  • Dog
  • Surrender
  • tom60229


The tournament had a Conquest, best out of five format. At a first stage, the players were divided into four groups of four players. Within a group, contestants had to play all nine different classes each in a round robin. Two players qualified from each group into the playoffs. From the quarter-finals and onward, the bracket changed to single elimination, whereas the finalists had to play again all nine different classes (meaning they couldn't play the same decks they used for the quarter and semi-finals).


Even though it seems slightly chaotic, this format allowed the contestants to bring a variety of decks to the tournament. They also had to plan ahead and think which classes to play against which opponent. Finally, the fact that they had to create and win with decks for all nine classes was a true measurement of their individual skill.


In the end, it was Lifecoach who took the crown, with tom60229 placing second, and Kolento and Jiesha taking the third and fourth places. You can watch English VoDs of the Celestial Invitational in DTwo's Youtube channel.

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