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SL i-League Hearthstone StarSeries Group B results

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Group B of the SL i-League StarSeries has been completed and the two players to join Thijs and Amaz in qualifying for the second group stage, from where they can progress to the $50,000 LAN finals, have been decided.


Group B players were:


  • Firebat - 2014 World Champion
  • Xixo - The first player to legend several times and multiple tournament wins
  • Trump - One of the biggest streamers on all of Twitch.
  • Neirea - Runner up in the 2015 Europe Championship
  • JAB - Semi-Finalist in the 2015 Americas Championship


With such a strong lineup, it was no surprise that this group was extremely close with no player managing to win more than one individual game more than they lost. In the end Trump managed to top the group while JAB took the other qualification spot by virtue of having beaten the two players he tied with on points. Neirea and Xixo took the two Last Call slots while Firebat was eliminated from the event.


Group B Matches Games
Trump 3-1 9-8
JAB 2-2 8-8
Neirea 2-2 9-8
Xixo 2-2 7-7
Firebat 1-3 8-10
The league continues today with Group C; which contains Kolento, Orange, Purple, Surrender and Kranich. The event will be streamed in English, Russian and Chinese on Twitch.

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