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hearthstone WePlay Hearthstone League Day Nine. Semi Final lineup decided.

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Day Nine of the WePlay League was the final day of the league stages, and with only Super_JJ and Xixo guaranteed to make the last four, there were still two places for Wednesday's finals up for grabs. The format for this event is best of five Last Hero Standing with a ban.


The first two games were played off-air. Mr.Yagut beat Xixo 3-1 and Xixo beat Kaldi 3-0. 
The first game on stream was Eloise vs Zalae. Zalae needed to win two matches in a row to guarantee a playoff spot, but fell behind as Eloise's Fast Druid beat his Midrange Paladin. As it turned out though, Mid Druid dominated the entire match, with Zalae winning the mirror match and then beating Zoo and Paladin to win the match 3-1 and keep his playoff hopes alive.
Next up was a match that was effectively a qualifier for both players. Mr.Yagut with a 3-2 record taking on Zalae on 3-3. The winner was guaranteed a top four finish. For the second match in a row, Druid dominated proceedings as Mr.Yagut swept through Rouge, Paladin and Druid in quick time as Zalae suffered a series of poor draws. At this point Druid had won all seven matches played on the day.
The final match was Ryzen vs Mr.Yagut with Ryzen looking to advance to a 4-3 record which would qualify him for the final day. Mr.Yagut opened with Druid and secured the Druid's eighth straight win by taking down Ryzen's Tempo Mage.  Ryzen countered with Paladin which then got countered by Rogue which left Mr.Yagut 2-1 in front. This cset up the game that many viewers wanted to see; two of the best Rogue streamers on Twitch playing against each other with a lot on the line in a Rogue mirror match. On this occasion Ryzen emerged victorious which set up a deciding game against Shaman which he duly converted to clinch the fourth playoff spot.

Day Nine results:

Mr.Yagut 3-1 Xixo
Xixo 3-0 Kaldi
Zalae 3-1 Eloise
Mr.Yagut 3-0 Zalae
Ryzen 3-2 Mr.Yagut


Player Played Won Lost
Super_JJ 7 6 1
Xixo 7 5 2
Ryzen 7 4 3
Mr.Yagut 7 4 3
Just_Saiyan 7 3 4
Zalae 7 3 4
Eloise 7 2 5
Kaldi 7 1 6


Semi Finals:

Super_JJ vs Mr.Yagut
Xixo vs Ryzen

Matches and final to be played on Wednesday live on Twitch

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