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WePlay Hearthstone League Finals Day

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The WePlay Hearthstone League concluded yesterday with the playoff stages. The players involved were Super_JJ, Xixo, Mr.Yagut and Ryzen. The format was best of five Last Hero Standing, and $5,000 in prize money was up for grabs.

The dynamic of the last four was interesting with two seasoned professionals with mutliple titles to their name in Super_JJ and Xixo, alongside two players better known for streaming Rogue and looking to make a splash in the constructed scene; Mr.Yagut and Ryzen.
The first match was Super_JJ, the winner of the league stage, against Mr.Yagut. Super_JJ had brought Paladin containing Harrison Jones and also Malylock with Acidic Swamp Ooze and took a 1-0 lead with his Malylock against Paladin. However, despite Super_JJ's anti-Rogue tech choices, Mr.Yagut took the next three games with Rogue against Malylock, Freeze Mage and Paladin to go through to the final.
The other semi-final between Xixo and Ryzen looked set for a surprise result when Ryzen took a 1-0 lead with Shaman against Patron. He seemed a little unsure of his matchups against Reno Warlock though and Xixo swept through the Shaman and the other two decks of Rogue and Druid to take it down 3-1.
The final looked like it was going to be a ten minute match after Xixo blasted to a 2-0 lead with his Shaman deck against Druid and Paladin. Xixo has a track record of winning tournaments with aggro decks and this looked like it was going to be another. However Mr.Yagut stopped the Shaman with his Rogue and set up the possibility of his first big tournament win with Xixo playing Paladin next. It was not to be though and Xixo took down the $2,500 first Prize.
In the third place playoff match, Super_JJ defeated Ryzen 3-1.

Finals Day Results


SF: Mr.Yagut 3-1 Super_JJ

SF: Xixo 3-1 Ryzen

3P: Super_JJ 3-1 Ryzen

Final: Xixo 3-1 Mr.Yagut




1st: $2,500 Xixo

2nd: $1,500 Mr.Yagut

3rd: $500 Super_JJ

WePlay have said they will be doing another league early next year and we'll keep you informed of the details as soon as we have them.
VODs of all the matches from the league are being uploaded here.

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