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Hearthstone: Hoej’s Reddit Post, Blue Tweets

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Frederik "Hoej" Nielsen made an extensive post on Reddit about consistency and RNG. On another social medium, namely Twitter, the community got answers to some of their questions.


Hoej got some attention yesterday when he posted a lengthy article on Reddit with his thoughts on RNG in Hearthstone. The gist of the article is that RNG doesn’t define how good a player is. Most skilled players make calculated plays depending on the situation they are currently in. Losing because your opponent topdecked the perfect card is a matter of luck; it is a matter of skill when you don’t make the optimal play. Therefore, Hearthstone players should distinguish whether it was RNG that made them lose a game or whether they actually didn’t make the correct choices. The article has received praise from various Hearthstone devs via their Twitter accounts; you can read it here.


Speaking of Twitter, Ben Brode was mostly active these days and he took the time to answer a few questions. The main issues covered are the following:


1.  Why Hearthstone doesn’t track higher than 500 wins


2. Deck slots are still coming...


3. Thoughts on introducing new tribal synergies


4. Other


Lastly, a tweet from the official Hearthstone account caught our attention. Faceless Manipulator is one of the minions that isn’t affected by Brann Bronzebeard’s effect – which makes sense, since it has a targeted Battlecry. However, judging from the following tweet, this may not be intended or perhaps they weren’t sure how to respond at that time. It’s definitely fascinating discovering all these Brann Bronzebeard interactions!

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