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Insomnia Hearthstone Truesilver Championship and Open Series Results

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The $30,000 Truesilver Championship brought together eight invitees and eight players who had gone through stiff qualification events for the biggest Hearthstone prize pool ever in the UK. The smaller $2,000 open tournament also had a stacked line up, containing many top Europeans who had failed to qualify for the main event. The format for all stages of the event was best of five last hero standing with no bans.

As reported previously, the first qualifying match of the day was the final of the UK qualifier between Sottle and Visule. Visule took this down to join the main event.
Next was a gruelling double elimination tournament to decide the final six qualifiers. Players from all over Europe gathered to play in this and the qualifiers were: BoarControl, Ness, SuperJJ, Freakeh, Legendaren, Rhirhi.
The four groups were as follows (players listed in placement order):
Group A: SuperJJ, Rdu, BoarControl, AKAWonder
Group B: Xixo, Ness, Freakeh, Trump
Group C: Legendaren, Visule, Kranich, Thijs
Group D: Lifecoach, Kolento, Slytha, Rhirhi
Ties were split by having a further round robin between the tied competitors, which made for a long day but also gave the players extra games to show their skills.
The Quarterfinal results were:
SuperJJ 3-2 Kolento
Legendaren 3-0 Ness
Visule 3-2 Xixo
Rdu 3-2 Lifecoach
In the Semifinals, Rdu overcame Visule and Legendaren beat SuperJJ, both in final game deciders.
The Final saw Rdu open with Aggro Paladin against Legendaren's Malylock to take a 1-0 lead. He then overcame Rogue to make that 2-0. Legendaren managed to get back a game using Aggro Druid but Rdu countered with Zoo to win the $10,000 first prize. Legendaren took home $5,000 with the losing semi finalists receiving $2,500 each.
In the $2,000 open event, Inderen beat Cursed in the Final, overpowering a field of 56 players, many of whom ranked among the best in Europe.

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