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SL i-League Hearthstone Last Chance First Qualifier Results

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The first of the Last Chance qualifiers for the $50,000 SL i-League StarSeries took place on Tuesday with Cipher emerging victorious, and five players being eliminated from the tournament. The format was single elimination best of five conquest.

Players who reached the second group stage got a first round bye in this event, but StrifeCro and Cipher did it the hard way, coming through two matches instead of one to reach the final. StrifeCro overcame Kranich 3-1 in the first round and then Trump 3-1 in the second. Cipher beat Xixo 3-1 and then Thijs 3-2 in his two matches.

One of the talking points of the night was StrifeCro being the only player to bring Control Priest. This had worked out for him well, with the deck going 2-0 in the previous rounds. However, against Cipher he quickly fell 2-0 behind using Priest, as Cipher won with Secret Paladin and then ground out a win with Mid Druid. This left Cipher only needing to win with RenoLock to qualify for the LAN event next month.

StrifeCro won the next two games with Mid Druid and Demon Handlock, to set up a thrilling final game with Priest against RenoLock. This game was fitting of a decider, with StrifeCro's final play when facing unstoppable lethal being to play Nozdormu that he got from Golden Monkey, and stealth it with spare part Finicky Cloakfield to trigger animations in Cipher's turn. With Cipher in fatigue, the animations took even longer, but he kept his cool to attack for the win.

This is a great result for Cipher, who has been touted by his peers for some time now as one of the best players in Europe but who has had a run of bad results in streamed matches.


The second Last Chance qualifier will involve Hoej, Orange, Neirea and StanCifka playing in the first round and JAB and Lifecoach entering the event in the second round.

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