Day 4 of the Christmas Competition

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Check this post for our fourth set of clues in the Icy Veins Christmas Treasure Hunt!

Just in case you haven't caught up on our competition rules, you can check them out here. You need to give your answers in a reply to this post. We will not accept any other forms of entry. You can check back here for new clues on the fourth day of the competition. All answers that you submit will remain hidden until we can see that 10 people have got the answer. This will not affect the time of entry in any way, the forum will keep track of that for us.
Today's clues will be about an item within the current live patch of Warlords of Draenor. It can be obtained somewhere within the game at this moment, either on Azeroth, Outland or Draenor. The post will be closing at 18:00 CET on 29th December, 2015.
Good luck!
Clue 1
To reach the fire burning eternal, one must first control the powers of an eternal.
Clue 2
Unveiled on our Twitter at 22:00 CET.
Clue 3
Unveiled on our Twitter at 03:00 CET.
Clue 4
Unveiled on our Twitter at 13:00 CET.
A bit harder today, we thought we might be able to test you on this one! The answer for Day 4 was Damien’s Ice-Vein Mask. Let’s see what our clues were talking about:

Clue 1: This was referencing where the item actually drops. In order to reach Ordos, you need to control the powers of one of the “eternals”, also known as the August Celestials. Ordos is the Fire God of the Yaungol and, when engaged, shouts out: “You will take my place on the eternal brazier!”


Clue 2: Here we are referencing a number of things. Firstly, Ice and Fire are references to two of the Mage specialisations in game. We called it Ice instead of Frost due to the fact that Ice is in the name of the item. There is also the fact that the “master of Ice” is the master of Icy Veins, Damien, who the helm is named after.


The item is “well allocated” because it had good stats at the time for both Fire and Frost, but would have to suffice until a better item was found in Siege of Orgrimmar.


Clue 3: This one is referencing the fact that the item isn’t based on the look of a Mage tier, but is instead based on the Warlock tier set, the Regalia of the Horned Nightmare.


Clue 4: The last clue was a direct reference to the helm’s name, as well as a reference to the fact that it has haste on it.


Points from Day 4


  1. Cybrus: 100 Points
  2. Skyren: 80 Points
  3. Shpleen: 65 Points
  4. Shifted: 50 Points
  5. smashertime: 35 Points
  6. SnappleJesus: 30 Points

Check out the full rankings on the main post.

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This is going to be a long shot. I know it said the item is available ingame, but I also know you can't get new ones. Maybe it's loosely worded because I have the item still on an old character so it 'technically' exists on azeroth. :D


I'll go with Eternal Quintessence.

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Xing-Ho, Breath of Yu'lon


(Note: While the ground rules state the item has to be currently obtainable, nothing else matches all the hints, so I'll have to assume the ground rule was an oversight biggrin.png.)

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