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Hearthstone: Fibonacci's Rank One Legend Deck

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Fibonnaci is known for being particularly strong with Warrior, and for achieving rank 1 Legend multiple times. It seems that in December he has added more weight to that reputation, by reaching rank 1 again. It is also thought that he managed to hold onto top spot to the end of the season, though that is yet to be confirmed. A thread on Reddit has pieced together the deck that he used.


The deck has several concessions to aggressive decks, and includes Tournament Medic, (which functions like a second Justicar Trueheart), Revenge, and a second Brawl, to help combat such decks. It also cuts down on the number of very late game cards compared to many Warrior lists. However, Fibonacci is known to like Deathwing more than many of his peers, and so it is no surprise to see it listed here.

Both Gaara and Tides of Time played this exact list on their streams and labelled it "Fibonacci", so it seems likely that the list is accurate.

Sottle has Control Warrior and Fatigue Warrior guides, both of which will be of good use if you wish to try this deck out. Many of the cards and key concepts from these two decks will be applicable to Fibonacci's deck.

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