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Which one is the more daunting task: collect more than 80 Legendary cards in Hearthstone or actually go find their respective NPCs in World of Warcraft?


Technically, it's the latter since a lot of these major WoW figures have non-playable cards in Hearthstone that are mostly encountered in Adventure mode (okay, some of them aren't even Legendaries). Jeppz95 took what must have been an impressively long journey in World of Warcraft and found almost a hundred (I stopped counting around 80) characters that co-exist in both Blizzard games.


Given that a lot more people are playing Hearthstone than World of Warcraft and Hearthstone is a much newer game, it wouldn't be a mistake to assume that a lot of Hearthstone players have never played WoW and perhaps know nothing about the Warcraft universe. This is a cool way to show how well known cards look in their actual - yet virtual - surroundings in a completely different game. Here are 6 out of a total of 86 images; you can click on them to enlarge them.








Personally, I think Jeppz95 made his life a bit harder with some of these NPCs (like Thrall) or he could have done a slightly better job with others (Nat Pagle, Gul'dan). Still, his effort is more than commendable and he has even taken the time to put captions below numerous of his images! Click here to view them all.

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This might seem really weird that I bring this back up, but I checked out where my Gallery had been posted and found this thread :P

In regards to your closing statement; I agree, I could've done it better, but about halfway through my journey I started to get really lazy with some screenshots. Ysera was a good example, as I know that the only two locations I know of where she is in her dragon form are within the Dragon Soul raid and in Dragonblight. I cba going through Dragon Soul, and I tried going to Dragonblight, but due to the environment being all green (and her being transparent + green) she looked like crap, so I went with her elf model instead.


Still glad you and so many others enjoyed it :D

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