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Blizzard Hotfixes Hearthstone Arena Pick Distribution

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Blizzard have hotfixed a problem that was causing some Epic and Rare League of Explorers cards to be offered too much. The issue only impacts a handful of cards, and was brought to Blizzard's attention two weeks ago by HearthArena.

In Arena, cards from the latest set get a bonus chance of being offered. At the moment, League of Explorers cards are getting a 50% bonus chance. Class cards get a 100% bonus. HearthArena posted that they had noticed some anomalies in how often cards were offered. In particular, League of Explorers neutral Rares had the opposite of a bonus, while League of Explorers neutral Epics were being offered too much.

The four neutral Rares in League of Explorers are Ancient Shade, Eerie Statue, Summoning Stone, and Wobbling Runts. There are two neutral Epics, which are Djinni of Zephyrs and Naga Sea Witch. These are the only cards that will be affected by the change.

Blizzard have posted on their forums that they have hotfixed the issue.

Blizzard Icon Daxxarri

We’ve hotfixed the proportion of League of Explorers cards that appear while building an Arena deck.

Previously, some League of Explorers cards were scarce, while others appeared much too frequently.

League of Explorers cards should now correctly appear about 50% more often in Arenas than other sets.


Lead Designer Ben Brode acknowledged that HearthArena's Reddit post was key to them noticing the problem.

Blizzard Icon Ben Brode

Shoutout to /u/HearthArena for alerting us to the issue!


As you can see, this will change very little in Arena, but it is good to see that Blizzard are keeping an eye on the community for when such things are pointed out.

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