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Hearthstone: December 2015 Card Back Issue

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There's been an issue, since the previous month's season ended, with several people receiving as a reward the February 2016 card back, instead of the December 2015 one.


Since the beginning of January, some players have reported that they received the Thunder Bluff card back, which is a reward for the upcoming February 2016 season, instead of the Thrall card back. Concerns were raised as to whether these players would miss out on getting the December 2015 card back. A CM in the European forums clarified that it is actually a display issue.


Blizzard Icon Lurdlespor

This all falls under it being a display error, you may be able to use it but it's still just displaying the wrong information to you. Server-side, you have the correct card back, it's just not showing that to you right now.

However this should be resolved, and is just taking some time to correct for everyone.

We apologise for the confusion this has caused.



People were advised to restart the clients, but the problem still persisted for some. The devs were made aware of the issue, too.



It may have taken some time for the issue to be resolved but, given the lack of reports and/or updates for the past 3 days, it is safe to assume that it is fixed now.


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