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Lead Designer Ben Brode on Content Updates

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Ben Brode has released his latest Designer Insights YouTube video. The theme this time is "Content Updates". In this video he addresses the lulls in information release that occur before big announcements regarding Hearthstone.

Brode discusses that people spend a lot of money on the game, and therefore feel that they want to see Blizzard working on new things all of the time. He admits that sometimes there are times where he and the team are to blame for the lack of communication regarding new content, although he does stress that there's not always anything they can do about it. He points out that the Curse of Naxxramus adventure was announced too early. This meant that many people lost the excitement associated with the new content being released, and instead were complaining about the delays.

He admits it is better to under-promise and over-deliver than over-promise and under-deliver, which means sometimes there are gaps where it feels that nothing is happening. He asks us to be patient next time there is a lull and promises that they are working hard on new things all the time.

He refers to a talk by Derek Sakamoto that shows lots of the UI iterations they did on Hearthstone, even before release. That talk can be found here.

Two things caught my attention in particular. First was his quote that: "We are never far away from the next cool announcement", and second was that he uses new deck slots as an example twice during the video. Let's hope that's a hint of things to come!
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