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Hearthstone: Aspirantless Druid Decks From Firebat and Purple

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Darnassus Aspirant has been a staple in Druid decks since the day it was released. It has the ability to accelerate mana, with the only downside being that you play a smaller minion than you'd normally like. This means that it is a very valuable inclusion for a Druid player. However, in the last couple of weeks, players such as Firebat and Purple have been doing well with builds that don't include the card.

Firebat was the first top player to Tweet an Aspirant-free list, reaching top 10 Legend at one point towards the end of the season. (He did eventually finish outside of the top 100.)

At the start of January, Purple posted that he had reached Rank 1 Legend with Druid. Again the deck contained no Aspirants. The difference from Firebat's deck was the inclusion of Harrison Jones and Raven Idol in place of the two Living Roots.

Sottle's reasoning for Darnassus Aspirant currently being dropped from Druid decks is that players have begun to mulligan against it, by keeping cards like Frostbolt and Darkbomb. He also points out in his full guide to Aspirantless Fast Druid that: "Aspirant is a very poor draw in the late-game where it has next to no effect on the game."

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