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Guild: Chaotic Serenity

Server: US-Stormrage (PVE)

Faction: Alliance

Raid Times: 9pm - 12am EST Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. 

Loot System: Loot Council (We are not unfair, if you show up for every raid and are reliable you will get loot.)


Atmosphere: Fun, Focused, and Mature.


What we are accepting:


Tanks: FULL


DPS: Hunters, Shadow Priests, DKs, Elemental Shamans, Warlocks


Healers: FULL


Recent Progression:


Most everyone in the guild is 5/13 Mythic or more, with the GM at 9/13 mythic. 

We mean business.


About Us:


1 - What to expect from the raid team


- Mythic Raiding, 3 nights a week.

- We will NOT be getting world first kills. We are NOT Method (or whatever they're called now).

- Expect active nights outside of raid nights. While we are getting started, we will focus on raiding mostly. However, once we hit our groove, we will have CM nights, BG nights.

- Social Media: I want us to have a "What'sApp" group, or something else, to chat with during non-raid times.

- Gold making raids if we have the desire. Selling Mythic runs for mad cash!

- Friday Vodka runs.


2 - What to expect from the Raid Leader


- I will be as fair to everyone as I know how to be.

- I will treat everyone with respect.

- I will not be screaming at people.

- I will expect you to know your class better than me!

- I will push our pace. Or better yet, I will ensure our tanks are pushing the pace!

- I will come prepared with strats for every encounter, and as much as humanly possible, I will post those strats on our forums before the fights.

- I am not a god. I cannot read minds! If you are having an issue, talk to me about it.

- I am very open minded. I come up with strats that fit our raid team. Sometimes, they do not work as envisioned or I misinterpret a boss ability. When that happens, I want and need feedback from everyone! I WANT communication in raid. With that being said, we will NOT be spending 10 minutes between every pull chatting.


3 - What to expect from the Officers

- The officers are an extension of the raid leader. If you are not able to talk to me, or if you are closer to another officer, feel free to discuss any issues with them. Those messages will get back to me, but be mindful of the "telephone chain" when the message gets to me.

- In my absence, Chase will lead the raids.

- We are looking for a: RECRUITMENT OFFICER, HEALING OFFICER, and DPS OFFICER. If you are interested in one of the positions, talk to Statty!

- The Recruitment Officer will not be a guild officer, but will have invite and promotion privileges.


4 - What to expect in terms of loot


-The first 3 or 4 times that a boss dies, we will have the loot set on personal loot. 

-Personal loot awards the most loot, and the first 3 or 4 kills, everyone can use that loot. 

-After the first 3 or 4 kills, we will swap to Loot Council.


5 - What to expect in terms of guild perks


-At the very start, with almost no gold in the guild funds, we will have repairs on, but for a very small amount. 

-We will review the amount for repairs on a regular basis to reflect what we have in the bank.

-You should NOT expect the raid team to come up with your consumable needs.

-Have your food/flasks/runes/seals ready to go before raid.


6 - What the guild expects from you


- Know your class

- Have all raid mats and seals ready before raid.

- Have researched all fights before we get there!

- Have Big Wigs OR DBM, Exorsus Raid Tools and Weak Auras installed and ready to go!

- Watch class specific videos!

- Be ACTIVE on the guild forums, reading our strats and knowing what will be happening at the raid 


Thank you for reading our information, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us via in-game at:


GM: Statty (Statty#1124)

Officer/Co raid leader: Chase (Chase#11636)

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      1 Elemental Shaman
      1 Shadow Priest
      1-2 People of the following classes:
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      - 36+ ap lvl in your raiding spec. 
      - Headset with a microphone and Discord for raid
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      What you can expect from us:
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      Many of us have played games together in the past, and many of us have played WoW on and off since Vanilla. We’re a healthy mix of semi-competitive and chill people originating from all over Europe, age ranging all the way from 20 to 30+.
      What do we do?
      We have cleared Antorus on heroic for some weeks now, and we're now preparing for Mythic!
      We raid flexibly twice a week, our usual raiding days being on Thursdays from 7 pm to 10 pm and on Sundays from 6 pm to 9 pm. Whenever we feel like it we also do normal runs for alts and new members!
      Besides raiding we also enjoy doing mythics, (rated) battlegrounds and arena together. We also like to screw around with war-games, arena tournaments, transmog competitions and so on.
      Some other games we play together include Overwatch, Battle Royale games, CS:GO, PoE and LoL.
      Most of us are located on Tarren Mill horde in a guild called Fat Finger Dream Team, but don’t hesitate to contact me even if you’re based on another realm and find this ad interesting!
      Our goals
      Our goal is to further expand on our community in order to be be able to enjoy all of WoW's group content to it’s fullest. We’re aiming to experience mythic raiding in Legion, while keeping the core chill mindset undamaged.
      In short, creating a healthy community is what we strive for while still being able to experience most of the content.
      Our main goal is to create a strong foundation and continue with the same group of players to BfA.
      We’re a flat organisation type of community, meaning that everyone is welcome to join in on making decisions and help to improve our methods. You're always welcome to give feedback.
      What we want from you
      - Good attitude - Be nice, be cool and don't blame people as it won't really help anyone. We prefer a good attitude over numbers such as ilvls, achievements and legendaries. If you want to be a part in trying out Mythic raiding then a bit more is required from you.
      - Communication - Be on Discord with us. Trust me, it makes raiding so much more enjoyable when you get to meet new people, of course without forgetting about some healthy shit talking!
      - Attendance - Be able to attend at least once a week, preferably twice.
      - Preparation for the raids - During progress run it is expected that everyone has read guides and shows up with proper buffs. For hard content it is also advised to have studied class-specific guides.
      We are currently looking for all classes!
      Bonus points for bringing juicy memes.
      You’re also warmly welcome to join as a social member! The only requirement for you is to be, well, social!
      Just kidding, no tl;dr here, just read the ad, mmmkaaaay?
      It would be awesome to have you onboard, so please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding any questions you might have!
      Currently on hiatus, returning for BfA in full force!