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Massan's Stream Under Scrutiny By Hearthstone Subreddit

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Massan has been the subject of Twitch chat memes about viewbots for a long time, however in the last few days this has been taken to a new level. Various streamers have been providing evidence to show that they think the meme might have some foundation. There are also accusations surrounding Massan's behaviour regarding the Pinnacle 3 tournament which he won in February 2015. There are lots of links in the Reddit thread, so I took a look at them all.

The first piece of evidence is a 6 minute YouTube video, which shows that a very large percentage of the people chatting in the channel signed up on the same day as each other. The video then shows how many mutual followers all of these people have, and they all seem to be following almost exactly the same selection of streamers.

The second thing listed is the viewer to chat ratio for several big streamers in the same timeslot. I believe it's actually the chatter to viewer ratio, based on the numbers provided and the methodology used. It shows that Massan's numbers are very out of line with other streamers in the same timeslot, which means that his viewers chat significantly less often than other streamers.


Next listed is YouTuber WizardPoker's playlist of a series of sessions from Reckful's stream where Reckful investigates some numbers connected with Massan's stream. Reckful also chats to Massan about the possibility of viewbots being in the channel. Reckful says to Massan that he has information from Twitch that Massan's channel is being viewbotted, and that if Massan does not know about it he should ask Twitch for help. The playlist includes both Reckful and Massan's ad revenue numbers, times taken for channels to reach peak viewership and some other interesting figures.

There is also a link to Amaz recalling a story from 2014, when he was usually getting under 10,000 viewers. One day, he got heavily viewbotted and the following day there was a post on LiquidHearth suggesting that Amaz was using a viewbot. Amaz, and his team at the time Team Liquid, found that the IP address of the post matched Massan's Skype!

As well as the viewbot issues, there were apparently issues regarding Massan at the Pinnacle tournament. Forsen explains that Massan kept saying that he got disconnected if he got a bad hand, which in his opinion is why Massan always got good hands in the event. During that story Forsen also references a story by Dog about Massan trying to sell tournament spots in return for a percentage of the winnings, or straight up money.

Despite the huge amount of items listed here, there is even more on the thread linked. People can decide for themselves what they make of it.
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