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hearthstone Hearthstone: Chinese Gold Series 2015 Finals. Group Stage Results

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2016 is well underway, but in China there is still some unfinished business from last year. The 2015 Gold Series Grand Finals are underway, and after ten days of group stages they are now down to the sixteen players who will play the knockout stage of the event.

The format for the event is best of five conquest with a ban. The players were split into eight groups of four, with the top two from each group qualifying for a 16 player single elimination knockout. I have listed the group finishing orders below.
Group A: Zoro (2-0), SleepyShaman (2-1), GuDu (1-2), Anderonie (0-2).

Group B: LoveCX (2-0), Fuoliver (2-1), XingSu (1-2), TiddlerCelestial (0-2)

Group C: Pegy (2-0), LiBo (2-1), Zuiwo (1-2), NoTomorrow (0-2).

Group D: Zihao (2-0), Lovelychook (2-1), NightWalk (1-2), IceFox (0-2).

Group E: God Slayer (2-0), Langweixian (2-1), Breath (1-2), QiuTu (0-2).

Group F: ZhangBo (2-0), MrHumor (2-1), Buer (1-2), Sword (0-2)

Group G: RayAllen (2-0), MagicWind (2-1), Immortal (1-2), ChinaYLD (0-2)

Group H: LingHun (2-0), Valeera (2-1), Bingxuan (1-2), Arthur (0-2)
(Bingxuan replaced Lvxiaobu)

The striking thing with the results was the lack of significant surprises. Tiddler not qualifying may be a surprise to some, as he is one of the most well known Chinese figures in the west, but he has not been playing as much recently. The one significant upset was NoTomorrow not making the next phase. He was one of the favourites to win the tournament.

The event continues on Twitch until the Final on January 24th.

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