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hearthstone Hearthstone Community Contribution: Balance Changes, Noxious Edition

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Popular streamer and occasional caster Noxious has reviewed and applied his own changes to 99 Hearthstone cards.


Noxious is well known for his unusual, fun decks, as well as his helpful reviews and his input on card balance. Two days ago, he actually took the time to put his personal touch on a considerable amount of almost a hundred cards.


He didn't only apply his balance changes on the cards, but he also explained his reasoning behind these changes. Some of the changes were well merited (looking at you, Mysterious Challenger), while others showed his personal preference - but hey, it's his changes and he can do whatever he wants!


You can check the relevant Reddit thread and the full card gallery with all 99 cards. Do you agree with Noxious' changes? How would you personally balance some Hearthstone cards?

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