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Hearthstone: 2015 Gold Series Finals Results

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The 2015 Gold Series Finals have been completed after over two weeks of competition. Gold Series Xi'an winner, ZhangBo, has won the first prize of over $23,000 defeating Zoro in the final 3-2. The format was best of 5 conquest with a ban.

Players were able to change their lineup before the quarter final stages, and ZhangBo switched to Midrange Druid, Patron Warrior, Face Shaman, and Zoo. He beat a very strong up-and-coming player, Ray Allen, 3-2 in the quarterfinals. He then defeated last year's winner, LovelyChook, 3-1 in the semi-finals. In the final against Zoro the players alternated wins, with ZhangBo winning with Druid against Control Warrior to go 1-0 ahead and Patron against Druid to lead 2-1. In a well calculated final game, he beat Secret Paladin with his Shaman deck after having to make crucial choices on turns 3 and 4.

ZhangBo was in the event courtesy of winning one of the smaller Gold Series events during the last twelve months, a pool of players expected to do badly. All of the other players who qualified in this manner went out of the event in the early stages, but ZhangBo showed that his previous win was no fluke. He used the opportunities to change decks at various stages to his advantage, and showed he could play a wide range of styles. He is not on any team, and chose to use the prefix "Good Student" for the event. Presumably he will now be a hot property and will be signed sooner rather than later.

Runner-up, Zoro, has done consistently well in the last year, including a visit to the World Championship. However, he is yet to take down a major event and it will be interesting to see how long it is before he finally gets a big title to his name.



Players did have the choice to take a 500g solid gold statue instead of the prize money, but it is believed that ZhangBo took the money.

The English version VoDs are available on DTwo's YouTube channel.

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