Hearthstone: Kripparrian Discusses Board Clears

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Kripparrian has released a YouTube video discussing his thoughts that the game needs better board clears. He then shows a series of Brawls which he feels highlight his thoughts.

The main point of his argument is that with better cards that can wipe out all enemy minons, you wouldn't have the sinking feeling that a game is unwinnable from an early stage. These cards would lead to players having a chance at coming back from behind.

Although I agree with Kripp's senitments, I'm not sure that giving too many better board clears in general would be a good thing, as it might lead to some very tedious metas. I do think that there could be better ways to deal with sticky minions however. If there were expensive board clears that removed Deathrattle, I do feel that could improve the game if done correctly. Personally though, I would prefer to see better cards along the lines of Kidnapper which would allow swing turns while still advancing the game state.

Which side of the debate are you on? Feel free to comment below.
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