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Hearthstone: Sottle's Latest Guide Updates

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Sottle is always updating the Hearthstone Guides section of Icy Veins, but he's changed so much in the last few days that we thought we'd give you a quick rundown of what has been updated.

Firstly he has rewritten the description of every class card. Some of these have changed in usage as sets have evolved, and Sottle has updated them to reflect modern usage. There is a lot of information for each card, including constructed decks they are played in, and a note on their quality in Arena. Here is a link to Mirror Entity as an example.

On top of that he's updated many of the deck guides to reflect changes in the meta. Of particular note are his changes to the following legendary guides.

Malygos Freeze Mage is a greedy version of Freeze Mage that includes Malygos as an extra win condition against control.

Dragon Priest has been updated and Sottle has also updated his version of the deck which uses less reactive cards and adds to the core strategy of the deck, which is to add threats on board.

Tempo Mage, Handlock, and Mech Mage, have all also been updated to include the latest builds from League of Explorers.
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