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TeSPA Collegiate Hearthstone Championship Live Finals Results

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The third annual TeSPA Collegiate Hearthstone Championship has concluded and the big winners are the team from Ohio State University!


The participants in this Championship were teams of students from American and Canadian universities. The Championship started back in September. After 7 weeks of playoffs and the regional finals, the teams that represented the North, the South, the East and the West of the Americas in the grand finals were: Ohio State University (BrOSU), University of Texas, Arlington (Stargate), Laval University (Circle) and University of California, Santa Barbara (3Migos).


The live finals took place at Pax South 2016. They had a team format of conquest, best out of five. The two opponents of the grand final were the team of Ohio State University (BrOSU) and the team of University of California, Santa Barbara (3Migos). The winner was decided at the last game, since the two teams were tied to 2-2. Ultimately, it was BrOSU who took the Championship, thanks to their lucky Tempo Mage. The three decks, that the winners played in the final, were: Secret Paladin, Midrange Druid and Tempo Mage.


Overall, the live finals were quite entertaining: the team format of three people playing one deck was interesting. Moreover, the players weren't professionals, so we saw a lot of unusual decks and card choices, as well as quite a few mistakes! The Tempo Mage deck, that won the last game, isn't considered very strong for tournaments, since it's quite RNG-dependent. However, it is a good counter for the notorious Secret Paladin.


At any case, the winners from Ohio State University - with the nicknames Uncle, GEG and tehGEG - will receive $12,000 each, to fund their tuition. In general, this Championship had a total prize pool of $105.000 for the first eight teams.


You can find the VOD of the live finals here.

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