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Trump Lays Out How Decks Will Change

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Trump has released a video on how decks will change when Standard comes into effect. He takes a look at which cards will be lost, and which currently played decks will suffer the most in Standard play without those cards.

As always with Trump, his production quality is high and the content is informative. For the most part, he steers away from speculation and sticks to the things that we either know for certain, or that Ben Brode has strongly hinted at. The main reason to watch this is the visual representation of the important cards that are going to be not available for Standard use.

The key thing to take from the video is that things are not going to be anywhere near the same as they are at the moment. While that is obvious, the magnitude of the changes become really apparent when they are laid out in front of you. Not only are we losing all of the cards and archetypes that Trump points out, but we are gaining a large set of new cards that we have no information on at all. These will account for a significant portion of the new meta, and so predicting what will be strong and weak is practically impossible. All we can predict at this stage is that many current decks will go missing, and many new ones will appear in their place.


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