Hearthstone NA: January 2016 Ranked Play and HWC Point Standings

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Blizzard have released the final standings from Ranked Play Season 22 for the Americas region. They have also updated their standings page for Hearthstone World Championship (HWC) points. These are believed to be the final standings for the Winter season. At the top of both lists is fr0zen of Team Hearthlytics.

The most impressive repeat this month was that of muzzy, also of Team Hearthlytics, who finished in fifth place to follow up his third place in December.


There is some controversy over the HWS points table. Several players have suggested that they played in tournaments that they believed carried HWC points, that actually did not. This will need to be addressed going forward.

With that being said, it does seem as if the standings are being treated as final. Team Hearthlytics have claimed the two two places, and the rest of the top ten is also formidable. Beyond the players listed in the image below, Chakki, TidesofTime, Fibonacci, Amnesiac, and Dart have all made it into the top 25. StrifeCro and kitkatz are the main major names from the rest of the top 128. The players will gather at various locations to play in a LAN qualifier later this week.


The Winter preliminary tournaments in each region will decide the players who play in the Winter Championship in March. We will provide results and news all the way to Blizzcon.
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