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Hearthstone Tavern Brawl: Decks Assemble

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The Tavern Brawl for this week is a repeat of week 25 and it's the Decks Assemble one.


Decks Assemble is notorious for being the most complicated Tavern Brawl to date. You pick your class and you start with a small hand and deck of certain preset cards. These preset cards are:





At the start of each turn, you choose a card via the Discover mechanic. Each time you play a card, a copy of it is shuffled into your deck. When your turn ends, your hand is shuffled into your deck and four new cards are drawn from your deck. Too much to remember? You will be provided with tips with the rules of the Brawl for the first two turns of each game.


Good luck!

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Favorite tavern brawl. I had 12 Eydis Darkbanes in my deck and then some because of gang up, and the fact that an extra one is added to the deck whenever I play one.

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