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Crank wins at Starcraft 2 and Hearthstone Simultaneously

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Former StarCraft II Pro, Crank, has released a YouTube video of him simultaneously winning at SC2 and Hearthstone on stream.

Crank, a former Protoss player, is a popular StarCraft II streamer. Being from South Korea, and explaining his play in English, means that his stream is the perfect mix for many people looking to watch StarCraft.

Managing multiple units at the same time is something that is attractive in watching StarCraft players. The fastest players can peak at over 400 actions per minute (APM), and most pro players typically play at over 300. Throw some Hearthstone into the mix and not only do you have to think about both games at once, but the flow of the StarCraft is broken up. That makes this a truly difficult task to complete.

The most amusing part for me is his complaining how slowly his Hearthstone opponent is playing!
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