Hearthside Chat: Dusting Off Old Cards with Mike Donais

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Senior Designer Mike Donais has posted an article on Battle.net about the purpose of several cards. In the article, he looks at three cards from the last year that allowed older cards to be played again.

Donais looks at Reno Jackson, Mysterious Challenger, Sir Finley Mrrgglton, and the reasons those cards made some old unused cards playable again. He also reminds us that different cards are printed for different reasons.

This is the latest in a constant stream of articles that have talked about the design process in the last three weeks. Most people, including myself, are expecting the announcement of the new set on March 9th; thanks to this Shacknews article written earlier in the month. With all the build up we are getting though, I'm starting to wonder if we'll hear something even earlier than that.
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