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G2 Class Legends Tournament Round-Up

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The G2 Esports Class Legends Invitational event took place over the weekend. The tournament was played using a new format. Players were allowed to bring two different decks, but only use one class. Matches were played over a best of five games, where players could use whichever of the two decks they liked in any of the five games.

There were two main strategies that players employed. They either brought two very different decks, such as Zoo and RenoLock, or they brought two versions of the same deck with different tech choices. The list of which players brought which class to the event, is as follows:

Druid (5): Thijs, RDU, Lifecoach, Elky, Hoej
Warlock (5): StanCifka, Kolento, Ek0p, AKA Wonder, Gaara
Hunter (1): Orange
Mage (1): Ostkaka
Rogue (1): SuperJJ
Paladin (1): Mark Kennedy
Priest (1): Zetalot
Warrior (1): Crane333

Of interest is that several players who are known for one class, for various reasons, chose to bring that class. Zetalot is known for streaming Priest, Crane was the first player to add Kor'kron Elite to Patron Warrior, and Orange is one of the few players who has been having success with Hunter in big events.

In the end Lifecoach took down the $1,500 first prize with a 3-0 win over Zetalot in the final. His Druid decks were very similar, with one version containing Acidic Swamp Ooze and Harrison Jones, which stood him in good stead in his semi-final against SuperJJ's Rogue. The rest of the bracket can be seen below.


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