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Hearthstone China Releases 2015 Personal Player Stats

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Blizzard China are allowing players on the Chinese server to check their statistics from 2015. (In Chinese here.) Redditor chillybright made a post about this, and explained which pieces of information he was able to see.

The available stats included ladder win percentage, number of 12 win Arena runs, Tavern Brawls played, and class most played. There were also stats for more obscure things like how many times he won after being down to 1HP, and which adventure boss he defeated the most times.

Blizzard China is run separately to the rest of Blizzard, who have not been keen to allow players to have access to their stats. This does show however that, as suspected, there is a wealth of data available if Blizzard do want to publish it. There are many players in the West who would love to be able to see this kind of information.

Personally, I would love to see these stats, and more, available within the game client.

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