Frodan on the Hearthstone Community Response to New Formats

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Hearthstone caster Frodan has been interviewed by Yahoo Esports' Travis Gafford, regarding the mixed community reaction to the announcement of Standard and Wild formats in Hearthstone.

The interview, available here, discusses not only the community reaction, but Frodan's own thoughts on the subject. Unsurprisingly, he largely agrees with Blizzard's position on most of the points, although he does think they could improve their communication with the community. It is great to see how he handles being interviewed. Many people in his position don't do the role of interviewee very well, but he manages to switch roles seamlessly.

As you would expect from Frodan, there is a good mix of serious discussion and humour, and the interview is worth the watch. Frodan also mentions that he is now trying to stream more on his Twitch account.
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