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Hearthstone Tavern Brawl: Battle of Tol Barad

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For a second week in a row, we get a repeat Tavern Brawl. From March 16 to 21, the Battle of Tol Barad will be available in the tavern.


The Battle of Tol Barad rule works like a reverse Summoning Stone: each time you play a minion, you get a spell of the same mana cost but for free. This is a make-your-own-deck type of Brawl. Mage is obviously going to shine in this Tavern Brawl, but Druid is also a pretty solid choice.


It's easy to predict which spells will come from higher mana cost minions, since there aren't a lot of high mana spells. Here's a reference list:


The @PlayHearthstone official Twitter account made a small slip-up, since they initially announced a future Tavern Brawl. The tweet was deleted afterwards.



It looks like we will be getting a Rafaam versus Kel'Thuzad Tavern Brawl in the near future, perhaps even next week. Numerous future Tavern Brawl features (cards, abilities, minions, Heroes, chalkboards) were recently datamined by Hearthpwn.


For now, enjoy the Battle of Tol Barad!

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Typo in Hearthpwn link!


The "Hearthpwn" link actually goes to heathpwn (note the missing 'r'), which is infested with malware. Please fix the link.


Edit: it's fixed now.

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