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Hearthstone's Search Functionality Greatly Improved

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The functionality on Hearthstone's search has been greatly improved in Patch 4.2.0. You can now search several new words and for ranges within those categories.

Hearthstone's search has often been criticised for its lack of options. Many of those concerns have finally been addressed in the latest patch. Firstly, you can now search for "golden", "extra", "missing", and "new". "Golden" shows just your gold cards, while "extra" shows all of the cards that you own which would be disenchanted with the "Disenchant extra cards" button. Searching for "missing" shows which cards you do not own. "New" now only shows new cards, rather than new cards and the cards with the word "new" in their text. (Spellbender was an example of this.) The latter is a cosmetic change, as searching for "new!" already returned these results.

On top of these changes, there is now a selection of ranged searches that can be performed. These include "attack", "health", and "mana", which relate to the corresponding numbers on a card. You can also search for "owned", to search your collection by how many of a card you own. The range can be entered by a colon with a single number, a colon followed by "+" or "-", or a colon followed by a range in the form "x-y".



Finally you can now search by "artist". You can search for their first name or last name, but not both.
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I was able to search by artist before. I don't think it's a new option. In the end, HearthStone Deck Tracker was using it when you wanted to "recreate" a deck.

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