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Hearthstone: Three More C'Thun Cultist Cards Revealed

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The total number of Whispers of the Old Gods cards revealed has risen to thirteen. Since our last update, there have been three more cards revealed, all with connections to C'Thun.



Klaxxi Amber-Weaver follows the apparent pattern of C'Thun cultists being good as vanilla minions with a C'Thun related ability. This means they might be playable on curve in the right deck with not much downside.


Ancient Shieldbearer seems like it might be too conditional to be of much influence in Standard. Shieldmaiden does leave the format though, so it is probably unwise to write this card off until we have seen more of the other cards from the set.


CThun's Chosen was revealed on Chinese site. Duowan. We have not had a 4/2 Divine Shield for four mana before, so it will be interesting to see how that works out.

Community Manager Zeriyah confirmed the English translation of the name in the Reddit thread that translated the card.

Blizzard Icon CM_Zeriyah

The English name for this card is C'Thun's Chosen! (source)
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