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Hearthstone Card Reveals: Forbidden Flame and Forbidden Torch

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Spoiler season continues with two more cards today, bringing the total to fifteen. This time, the cards are not connected to C'Thun and bring in a new mechanic. The two cards revealed both allow you to spend all of your mana in a turn.

The two cards are both class cards. One is for Mage and one is for Priest. It will be interesting to see if there is a Forbidden card for each class.


What is important to notice is that you don't have to miss the rest of your turn. You can play your other cards and then play the Forbidden card with the remaining mana. Versatility is often underrated in Hearthstone, and I expect these cards to both be playable in Arena where versatility is very valuable. In constructed, we'll have to wait and see how the meta develops. Not being able to burn face is an important downside in Mage, and Flame Lance hasn't seen significant play for this reason. Forbidden Shaping won't trigger Battlecry effects, and so minions will lose some value. On the upside, the ability to not miss any mana might prove be very powerful, especially in more aggressive decks that don't want to waste the chance to apply more pressure.

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