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Hearthstone Card Reveals: DOOM! and N'zoth's Tentacle

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Two new cards have been revealed since our last update. They are DOOM!, and N'Zoth's Tentacle. This brings the total number of cards revealed so far to twenty.


Inevitably, DOOM! will be compared with Twisting Nether. At first glance, it seems like it will do the same thing, but cost more. However the card draw is almost certainly something that people will try to build around. Blizzard have stated that they like to have such build-around cards available for casual players, and I think it will have the desired effect. 



Fans of Grim Patron decks have been wondering if the archetype will be viable after Unstable Ghoul and Death's Bite leave Standard. N'Zoth's Tentacle will get plenty of attention because of this. It may also be decent in other archetypes, and seems to be a card that we will see tested a lot as soon as Standard launches.

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