[US][PLAYER][A/H] Senyai 731 Holy/Shadow Priest 5/13M

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My Btag is Waver#1433


Brief Info:

                -Maxed healing ring, dps ring currently at 762.

                -Looking for a guild that raids at least 2 nights a week, preferably 7pm PST or later, but if it seems like a good fit I am more than willing to go earlier.

                -I am willing to both server and faction change if the guild seems like a good fit.



About Me:

- I started playing at the beginning of MoP, raiding in LFR/flex until SoO, where I started raiding heroic and was able to pug 3/14M before WoD launch.

- Throughout my time raiding I have almost exclusively healed, where I had a brief stint as dps (ret pally), and an even shorter stint as tank (blood dk). As such, I have a decent amount of raiding experience as Disc, along with light raiding experience as resto shaman, resto druid, and holy pally (of the latter 3 I am most proficient at resto druid). I began to main priest at the start of SoO, where I played both holy and discipline extensively.

- Throughout WoD I have mained holy priest and have cleared every tier on heroic difficulty while it was current content. I have been in a heroic raiding guild so I have had very little mythic experience prior to HFC, where I have pugged to 5/13M experience (with 20 something attempts on gorefiend).

- I am able to play my shadow OS to an adequate level. I am by no means a master of shadow priest, but I am able to play it well enough when required and am working to improve. I am still missing some fairly important OS gear so my damage will not be up to par.


What you can expect from me:

                - I will have near 100% attendance. I rarely miss raids, and, should I be unable to make a raid, I will notify the necessary individuals in advance.

                -I will show up at least 15 minutes before raid, be repaired, and have food/flask/pots/runes.

                - I am dedicated to improving myself. I am very receptive to feedback/criticism and do my best to not make the same mistake twice.

                - I will have knowledge of the fight before the pull. I do not like going into a fight unprepared, so you can expect that I will have researched the fights and know my role in them before a pull is made.


What I am looking for:

                - I am looking for a mythic group for the remainder of wod and continuing into (and throughout) legion. I want to join a group that I can trust will still do mythic raiding in legion.

                -I am looking for a primarily healing role. I understand the necessity for going dps for certain fights and as content becomes farm, and I will happily oblige, but I am looking for a healing role in a raid team.

                - I am looking for a group dedicated to downing content. I am fine with a light hearted environment, but I expect other raid members to also be working to improve and progress.

                - I am not looking for any specific progression. I would absolutely love to join a group that may still be working on achieving 1/13M if it means that I get to raid mythic.


My UI and Logs:

UI (in and out of combat): http://imgur.com/a/nmLdH

Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/2791925/latest#metric=hps&boss=1798

Some recent fights:






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      (Grouping at 19.45)
      Always on the look out for new raiders - all roles and specs considered!
      (It is an advantage for healers to have a DPS offspec)
      For further information contact Naska#21173 on battlenet and I will respond as soon as possible. Alternatively leave a comment below!
      Note: Continuum has a zero tolerance policy on racism, sexism and homophobia.
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      As well as offering a Solid experienced raid team in a casual yet focused atmosphere, we welcome social players to join us with the more casual content in the game.
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