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Loot roll rage

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Another loot rant from me.

I am a blood DK, but I got this lame sword on a bonus roll in LFR:

Greatsword of Frozen Hells, a 2H strength sword.

It has Crit and Haste as its additional stats....therefore its about as crap as its possible to get for a blood DK. It doesn't even have a good socket bonus.

I'm annoyed that this is a potential drop for my class and annoyed at wasting a roll.

I'm trying to convince Blizz that there's a bug in the loot me this is clearly a DPS weapon.

Its bad enough that the BiS in this tier is a shared boss drop without having crap like this. I should have got my Bo'Ris, not this junk.


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Lol, I'm not even listing it in our gear tables for tanks :P

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0/9 so far this tier on token uses. These new Mogu Stones can go to hell, and they can go there fast. Of course, all the luck I'm not getting, some of my teammates are getting. Having their 4 set 2 weeks in is pretty nice. As long as your raid team doesn't change, remember that these token uses still benefit your raid as a whole.

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Didnt you use all your luck last tier Zagam? :P

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Apparently. 0/12 now. Somehow, through drops and proper DKP usage, I still got to 520 ilvl. Tokens have been cruel to me when I want new trinkets and tier...I think all I can use them on now is Ji'Kun (Legs/Belt), Dark Animus (Trinket/Weapon/Chest), and Council (Wushoolays).

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    • By Stenbock
      Hi everyone,
      My guild and I did Trial of Valor yesterday (Thursday 10th) and we all picked up the quest to collect 1000 souls for the item set appearance. However my warlock friend got his entire set from Guarm as a drop. 
      I was just curious if this has happened to anyone else or if it's a bug.
      thanks for any feedback and your general thoughts on the raid!
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      Hey everyone, 
      I hope someone of you can give me some clearance with this topic.
      So, when I am in dungeons with some people and it's personal loot, we sometimes can trade the dropped items and sometimes not. I doesn't seem to have any influence if it's upgraded or if the dropped item is a major upgrade for the person who looted it.
      Anyone knows how it is choosen if an item is tradeable or not?
      Thanks in advance!
    • By spaski
      So i dont wanna rant about itemlevel epics and rares but i probably will. 
      i just dont get the itemlevel vs stats calculation. why can you recieve and item thats up too 35 itemlevel higher with the same secondary stats as an 815 item ? i know that int/agi/Strength and stamina have a set amount for each itemlevel.
      I mean for my shadowpriest im having a hard time swapping my heroic ring ive got thats got an itemlevel of 825 but rolled with a socket, its got 1k haste and 600crit, which is the same amount of haste and crit on my 840 ring i got. but since it got a socket its still worth keeping the heroic ring.
      i just feel like gearing in this expansion seems wierd, you have to trick groups to invite you because you dont have that 845+ ilvl only because the gear you get in mythics isnt better then the gear you get in heroics. So what i do to get into court of stars and arcway groups ive gotta respec holy equip that gear which is my offspec gear but because that 846 ilvl and my shadow only is 841 and then ask to join the group. 
      (yes ive been unlucky with gear for shadow, no relic drops my shadow weapon is 863 and my holy is 875 or something, and basically no mythic drops what so ever for shadow spec etc) 
      i guess i should include i havent missed one mythic reset yet so its not like ive been slacking.
      anyway this is how i feel its wierd, strange abit uncomfortable to be honest. Obviously try not to judge people by thier itemlevel because they might just be as well geared as they can without being at that magic number of 849 ilvl+ just because it would simply be a DPS loss.
    • By Arende
      Hello there fellow warlocks!

      I was just curious about your legendary loot preference. From what I've read on forums/tried live I assume that most viable specs for raiding would be destro/demonology. Therefore it seems logical to aim for legendaries for these specs prio (some of them can be used in both/all specs) but primarily, which one to choose first, since demo profits from legendaries more, but destro will be played more often ?

      Thanks for the advice.
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