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A Question about Tanking

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I have been a long time lurker of Icy-Viens. Find the discussions, guides etc to be very use full. I have mostly play a DPS but have thought lately about playing a tank. My question is would it be better to roll one from scratch and lvl them all the way. Or use my 90 Warrior make him some gear and start rolling through the dungeon s.



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My opinion, either is the same. Leveling through the lower levels is so fast / easy you really don't learn much any more. That being said at lvl 90 you are going to be hitting the heroics and expectations will be higher that you can maintain threat and survive (which requires some practice). Nice thing is that all of the guides are for lvl 90 tanking (some key CDs will be missing at lower levels). Practice with some dummies and always let the group know you are inexperienced and you should have no major problems (healers may grumble under their breath but a quick refresh on queue times will usually quiet them). Also, just on another random note, a lot of DPSers lately have a ton of high end raid gear which makes their DPS through the roof. If you don't have decent gear with your tank, not matter how good you are you will always lose threat (you generate 3x more threat, but they do 5x the damage=DPS getting face pounded). Just to reiterate, best way to go for me is just to let the group know I'm not perfect and generally they don't have an issue.

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Having a group of people you know to learn is a lot better than doing randoms. If you go into a random and just plain can't tank or know what you are doing it is a MAJOR pain. As for leveling up that is up to you though I agree you won't learn a whole lot as tanking at max level is different without the same cooldwons and abilites.

If you are going to give tanking a go then get some valor gear and do a few LFR's and change your toons spec to tank spec after the fight and give a second roll for a tank piece till 5.3 when you can just select the spec you would like to get gear for. Don't just find some random greens and call yourself a tank. An addon or two geared towards tanking will help as well. Tidy plates with threatplates is nice so you can see that you have agro on the mobs and Tauntmaster can be helpful for taunting something off of the rest of the group.

And until you have figured tanking out let people know. . . don't just go in and start fighting and then loose agro and let a mage tank something. Repair bills add up and they will either leave or you will get kicked, even if you just have to make a macro to tell the group you are new to tanking and learning will help. If I know someone is having a rough time or going to I lay off the DPS a bit so they can get agro easier, otherwise I charge in when the tank does and coun't till three till I pop sweeping strikes and bladestorm. . . after that good luck on getting agro if you aern't ready for it.

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Thanks for the advice, I have some VP gear, and i have 4 LFR tokens (all except the hands) that I can spend for tanking gear. My thought was gearing him up, then running the regular 90 dungeons to get some experience. Would still let people know I was new, but thought it would be easier starting off in the regular dungeons than heroics, as i have at least 463 tanking gear. May try to round up a group, or see if there is any interest in the guild, but the server i am on is dead and low pop so randoms would be my best hope. I will go through the guides, gear him up and see how it goes. Thanks for the input.

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The only problem you will find is that you can run regular randoms at 90 only heroics. You can try and setup something with people and do cross realm dungeons but it really is a pain to do.

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I don't think much can be gained from leveling a new character up from scratch as a tank anymore. As others have pointed out, the leveling experience is pretty lax, and you won't be learning much along the way.

Assuming you have a pretty solid understanding of your class from a DPS perspective, then switching to tanking shouldn't be all that hard. As a Warrior especially, there are really only a handful of new abilities to use as a tank from what you normally use as DPS.

The best advice I can give you is to take your time to learn things. I know it's easy to get carried away and think "I'll just jump into a dungeon and see how it goes", but tanking is quite unlike the other roles in the stress department, so I advise you to check and double check that you're up to date on what you need to be doing.

I suggest you read my tanking guide if you haven't already, it goes into a lot of depth on a lot of issues. You can drop many of the subtleties that you might find in the Protection Warrior guide when starting out. Just focus on the essentials. Make sure you've got your taunt keybound accessibly. Make sure you don't have your back turned to any mobs that are hitting you. Make sure you have nameplates on and configured in such a way as to easily see who's got aggro of what. Start with that and then build proper cooldown usage and such later on. Chances are you won't need much of that extra stuff to survive in a dungeon.

Good luck!

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    • By Lizard
      Hello there!
      It is my vision on build Yrel for quick matches and non-high (diamond/ml/gml) league.
      Wanna show it, because I disagree with guide, what is presented here. Guide https://www.icy-veins.com/heroes/yrel-build-guide maybe good, but it designed not for casual players.
      Following this guide, you'll pretty good brusher-tank (Yrel have 2679 HP right now on level 1, only 8 characters in game have more HP), with super-mobility and good damage after 16 lvl. Our specialisation - defend objectives on map. Noone in this game now can't do it better, then Yrel.
      My prefer talent build is: 2, 2, 3, 2, 1, 3, 4.
      Another form: Dauntless, Gift of the Naaru, Divine Steed, Sacred Ground, Aldor Peacekeeper, Holy Wrath, Seraphim.
      Also, if you have a good tank, and all what you team need is damage, or if we on bad map to us (see below) : 1, 3, 2, 1, 2, 3, 1/4.
      Another form: Light of Karabor, Hand of Freedom, Holy Avenger, Ardent Defender, Repentance, Holy Wrath, Word of Glory/Seraphim.
      Our playstyle: do a simple brusher work, before get level 4, or start ivent on map. After level 4, try be near our teammates, for get maximum profit from Gift of the Naaru, but without fanatism 😄. After level 7, you can soak exp from 2 lines with Divine Steed, try get more exp to team (again, without fanatism, on largest maps like warhead juction it will be dumb). When your team get ultimates, start playing more aggresively.
      Mid game: defend targets, defend teams, kill everything what moving (and what doesn't moving - move it and kill! 😄) with help some assassin in your team. Help to push and get camps. After level 16, when you pick Holy Wrath, you may get camp solo, and it will be fast (before 16 lvl, you also can do it, but it will too long - waste of time and mana).
      Late game: PUSH PUSH PUSH PUSH PUSH PUSH! You have all things to win. Just win teamfight (be prepared), get camps and go to core. Not in our plans play in deep late (but we can!), then just finish game.
      More about talents:
      In first tier (1 lvl), Dauntless give 50% kinetic armor for 2.5 sec - is too many to be skiped, any autoattack assassin will be hate you, but if opponents haven't autoattack assassin, pick Light of Karabor for synergy with 13'th level talent (Aldor Peacekeeper) and still have good sustain.  Maraad's Insight deal smallest profit in late game, and most games will be long, because we're in game 😎. 
      Second tier (4 lvl), Gift of the Naaru give to you free (!) healing to teammate on 7 sec cooldown (!!!), what can help to survive low-hp teammate, and he can escape, but if you trust in your healer, you can pick Hand of Freedom. Aegis of Light just doesn't work - we initiate fights, or follow opponent, or run away. No useful case to team.
      Third tier (7 lvl) - all talents can be used, but I prefer Divine Steed, because it is + mobility (fast soak exp on 2 lines, complete it and go to objective on map, for example), +1 option to escape, +1 option to following low-hp opponent to kill him (especially after 16lvl). If you not like it, or wanna deal more damage, you can pick Holy Avenger for combo like a D+E+Full-E. Righteous Momentum, truthly, can be picked only in full-party, when your team need more ground control. I don't see any other cases for it, but talent still can be picked.
      Ultimate (10 lvl) - always Sacred Ground, exeptly maps, where you absolutely doesn't need defend objective, or if you already have good tank with zoning option. 45 sec cd is so small, what sometimes it can be ready when your Sacred Ground still active. 😄
      Ardent Defender we can pick, when we have a good tank, who know what he need to do. Usually, you get it before level 10. It's best save ability in game, also 120 sec cd is not so long, but we do less profit to team then what we can do with Sacred Ground.
      Fifth tier (13 lvl) - all talents are teoritly playable, but I prefer Aldor Peacekeeper, because it's good combo: instant Divine Purpose + Vindication, you got heal and kinetic shield, heal teammate, and you can tank 'cuz -25% damage for all sources near you, and under Sacred Ground you will be unbreakable, especially if you chosen Light of Karabor in tier 1. Repentance you can pick when Holy Avenger already picked in third tier - more control is more control. 😄 Also wanna clarify, what Velen's Chosen minorly upgrade damage, and have less profit then Aldor Peacekeeper and Repentance.
      Sixth tier (16 lvl) - always Holy Wrath, because it greatly increase our damage. From this moment, you will be a great threat to opponents, and they'll try to kill you, switching damage in you first, but they can't kill you 😄 (R+D+Q). Templar's Verdict, theoretically, can be use in well-played team to increase team damage and target kills, but for ultimate benefit of this talent, I repeat, we need at least 2 teammate with good fast switch in priority target for fast kill.
      Seventh tier (20 lvl) - depends of talent in fourth tier (Ultimate). If Ardent Defender picked - upgrade it (Word of Glory), exept if you have good aoe healer (like a morales/alextraza/brightwing/etc.). If Sacred Ground - pick Seraphim. Active ability,  every 10 seconds (!) deal 2 sec unstoppable - it's always full charged basic ability, what cannot be interrupted for blinding/stun/sleep/etc., also it's another option to escape.
      Upgrading Sacred Ground with Hallowed Ground - useless, because if you used it - stay here to death, but give time to escape to your teammates, in other cases you win teamfight ever, becuase on level 20 and higher, most teamfights end with death 3-5 ppl in team.
      Bubble Hearth - garbadge, if you wanna win. Ultimate escape, but if you find yourself in a situation, where you want to press this ability, your team will lose teamfight, and then - that game. 
      Leaving your team in the minority is not the way of true light protectors!
      Our stronger maps: Braxis Holdout, Cursed Hollow, Infernal Shrines, Sky Temple, Warhead Junction, Volskaya Foundry.
      Our weaker maps: Tomb of the Spider Queen, Battlefield of Eternity, Blackheart's Bay (?).
      Our nightmare: Johanna, Garrosh, Malthael, Rexxar.
      Avoid downtime Divine Purpose! If you're not in fight, heal yourself instantly with Divine Purpose + Vindication, it cost no mana, and also you help to your healer (especially with Gift of the Naaru). If you pick Holy Avenger, start full-prepared Avenging Wrath without Divine Purpose, for combining it after first use. You start fight, and keep your damage strong full time in duel. It is good idea to use full-prepared Avenging Wrath in backline opponent team to help your assassins kill prefer target with Divine Purpose + Righteous Hammer, or separate and destract them healer. When you use Avenging Wrath just deal damage, don't wait full charge - it spell have a fixed damage, and charging in this situation is waste of time and damage from autoattack. Will be glad to any responce!
      Thanks for reading!
      See you in Nexus!
    • By Tessivento
      Hi all.
      I recently went Guardian from Resto. Theoretically I know my rotation, cd, etc. I'm running Antorus HC, i got the curve and i think to hold with not many problems every boss but seeing my logs my performance is always low.

      I don't know where I make my mistakes but I think to have these issues:
      My damage taken is always minor than other tanks; My damage dealt... same (I build my bear full defense but my dps seems to be too low); Sometimes i have threat problem (especially with paladins or warrior); I should selfheal more but i don't see the need when I am full: i prefer to stack ironfur. What can i do to improve?

      If you wanna see my armor, look here.
      I don't aim to shine, but, at least, be on a average rank :p
      Thank you all
    • By BrightwingMain
      Just throwing this shower thought out there because why not.
      Would it be possible with reasonable amount of resources and time that you have available, to create couple of generic general gameplay/map guides for Heroes of the Storm? There are already a couple for other games, although mostly pretty old ones. Things like general guidelines for tanking, healing and stutter stepping as well as map guides of what heroes are which priority and how the maps play out? You already have some maps covered at the "map specific advice", but as the "new hero guide format" cuts the map specific advice part off, would adding such thing be possible. Not that I would be desperately in need of one, but if I had to guess, a lot of people would be glad to get them available.
    • By zmandude24
      Since shield block doesn't do donkey dick for most of the tank buster mechanics and the boss auto attacks hit like a wet noodle, is it even worth gearing haste at all? Wouldn't I be better off going for only mastery/versatility?
    • By dastardlyfi
      I have now, 4 trinkets that I am conflicted on using as they all seem to have decent stats and usages/passives. I am mainly tanking mythic dungeons, although our guild does normal EN but I have no problem there.
      What do you think would be the best 2 to use in general?
      I have the following:
      Goblet of Nightmarish Ichor
      What do y'all think?
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