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Guardian tips

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Hi all.

I recently went Guardian from Resto. Theoretically I know my rotation, cd, etc. I'm running Antorus HC, i got the curve and i think to hold with not many problems every boss but seeing my logs my performance is always low.

I don't know where I make my mistakes but I think to have these issues:

  1. My damage taken is always minor than other tanks;
  2. My damage dealt... same (I build my bear full defense but my dps seems to be too low);
  3. Sometimes i have threat problem (especially with paladins or warrior);
  4. I should selfheal more but i don't see the need when I am full: i prefer to stack ironfur.

What can i do to improve?

If you wanna see my armor, look here.

I don't aim to shine, but, at least, be on a average rank :p


Thank you all

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First off you are running with Balance AffinityBalance Affinity, which I would not say go handy in raids when range isn't the deal. You should rather run with Restoration AffinityRestoration Affinity, this helps you heal small % and focusing your Frenzied RegenerationFrenzied Regeneration when taking in heavy damage. Think this will actually help you A LOT, especially with Ekowraith, Creator of WorldsEkowraith, Creator of Worlds equipped.

If you are progressing on a boss where you do not take lots of damage but big hits, Kin'Garoth for an example, running with Dual DeterminationDual Determination can save you, having more CDs available is amazing since you get hammered a lot. Skysec's HoldSkysec's Hold can also be used if there rest is not available or Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum OpusPrydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus on a heavy magic damage boss. 

Your stats are also pretty off. The recommended stats:

34% Haste 
32% Crit
7%+ Mastery
13% Versa

This should help you getting more procs and getting your defensive right, recommended by Ask Mr. Robor, Raidbot, SimCraft and Method, Sco.

From the Icy Veins guardian druid gear section:

"The 2-piece Tier 21 Set Bonus is fairly good, and it is worth using when you have high enough item level gear, while the 4-piece bonus is weak and should only be taken if your set items are much better than any off-set items you may have.

In fact, the tier 20 Set Bonuses are actually so good for you that you should keep the 4-piece well into the new Antorus raid tier, until you have high very good items for the 2-piece Tier 21 Set Bonus. At that time, you can get rid of the 4-piece Tier 20 Set Bonus and just keep the 2-piece together with the 2-piece of Tier 21. Using a 4+2-piece combination is not feasible since some legendary items, such as the chest, are too good to give up." (https://www.icy-veins.com/wow/guardian-druid-pve-tank-gear-legendaries-best-in-slot)

This is what I would recommend wearing as tier. 


- Hope it help and I wish you all the best. If you have a question for my writing or further question just reply on this thread or contact me via PM.

- Good luck and may nature bring you harmony. Merry Christmas. 

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First, thanks for your answer :)

As wrote up, I don't have problems in staying alive, I use my Frenzied RegenerationFrenzied Regeneration when i have to use it: i don't spam it but from the logs appears that i don't heal enough.
I choose Balance AffinityBalance Affinity because it is easier for tank swap (I.E. Conven of the Shivarra), but i swap it for Restoration AffinityRestoration Affinity if i have to deal with killer bosses such as Varimathrax.


On 12/12/2017 at 9:48 PM, Dabria said:

Your stats are also pretty off. The recommended stats:

34% Haste 
32% Crit
7%+ Mastery
13% Versa

This should help you getting more procs and getting your defensive right, recommended by Ask Mr. Robor, Raidbot, SimCraft and Method, Sco.

Stats are a vey big problem too because i set mine from Ask Mr. Robot using the all toughtness rule since i only have the BIS legendaries for defense. And even if i go full defence, my guild DK tank takes more dmg than me. Maybe i have to change my rules. Even method's stats page (though is not updated) confirms my stats prio for a full defence bear.

You suggested me to go more damage (the stats you gave me seems to be for an offensive bear). What i ask is why an offensive tank is over a defensive one. For a better threat management, for example? I saw burt tanks always took my aggro :p

Again thanks ^^

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I and every tank I know who plays bear goes offensive. Myself I'm 955 going full defense doing around 450-650k hps depending on the boss. With Resto affinity. 

I'm not sure why yours is so low, maybe you just don't take the damage. 

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On 12/11/2017 at 12:17 PM, Tessivento said:

What can i do to improve?

Going over general points first, then I'll do your logs.

On 12/12/2017 at 8:48 PM, Dabria said:

34% Haste 
32% Crit
7%+ Mastery
13% Versa

For an offensive bear, sim yourself. If you're looking purely at putting out DPS as a bear (which most do, as Dabria says), you literally just sim yourself as a DPS would. There are no goals to aim for outside of the stupid 25% triple-thrash RotS window which ends up being such a tiny DPS increase it's not worth actively gearing for.

If you want DPS - sim it.

If you're looking for defensive capability, the above stat recommendations make no sense. Armor and Stamina are by far the most important things for a bear. You can gear yourself on the following guidelines without using weights (very difficult to work out for a bear), pasted from a comment I made on the Guardian thread a few months ago:

  • High stat piece (helm, chest, legs)
    • If there is an item level difference of more than 5, take the higher item level piece. 
    • If there is an item level difference of less than 5 and the lower piece has both Versatility and Mastery, then use the lower piece. If it does not have both, use the higher piece.
  • Medium stat piece (shoulders, gloves, belt, boots)
    • If there is an item level difference of more than 10, take the higher item level piece.
    • If there is an item level difference of less than 10, take whichever is better itemised based on the priority. 
  • Low stat piece (back, wrists)
    • If there is an item level difference of more than 20, take the higher item level piece.
    • If there is an item level difference of less than 20, take whichever is better itemised based on the priority. 
  • Non-main stat piece (neck, finger)
    • Pick according to the actual stats, since there is no armour present.
    • A Vers/Mastery piece would be worth 20 item levels over one that has neither.
    • A Vers OR Mastery piece with another secondary stat would be worth 10 item levels over one that has neither. 
    • A Vers OR Mastery piece where the other secondary stat is much higher would be worth 5 item levels over one that has neither.

For that, you'll use this priority:

Armor > Stamina > Vers > Mastery > Haste > Crit > Agi

For your logs, I'm looking at your last Garothi kill:

  • You are spamming random fillers like Swipe too often, meaning you miss out on using procs immediately.
  • Your uptime on Pulverize is extremely low. Estimating a tanking uptime of 50%, having a ~33% uptime on Pulv needs to be improved.
  • Thrash is very easy to keep up. You should have it near 100% uptime. Your current uptime is ~75%.
  • While tanking and taking physical damage (not while kiting), you only had Ironfur up ~55% of the time. This should be above 80% at least, preferably above 90%. 
  • You are using Guardian of Elune, but you wasted over half of them, actually at ~60%. This should be 40% at most, below 30% ideally.

I'm looking at other fights and this is basically on every fight. You also wasted Rage on some fights, even as high as wasting up to 5-7% rage each fight. 

For improving your DPS, you do it at the risk of survivability. It's a normal trade-off that you need to decide on when it is fine for you or not. The trade is between spending on Maul or Ironfur. Top bear DPS will barely cast Ironfur, instead dropping rage on Maul unless they need the survivability.

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