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Kanrethad - Vidéo guide FR

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Vidéo du down et stratégie expliquée pas à pas.

Down & Strategy step by step in french for non-english speackers.

Urusträz - Kirin Tor EU


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    • By Westy
      Ok, so I been doing a lot of research and testing with the FR Arms build as set on Icy Veins, however there is some confusion over the best rotation when the target has >20% HP.
      Icy Veins states the following, I removed the sub 20% suggestions:
      Cast  Charge if out of range of your target. Cast  Colossus Smash if available and  Shattered Defenses is not active. Cast  Warbreaker if  Colossus Smash is absent from the target and  Shattered Defenses is not active. Cast  Execute with  Ayala's Stone Heart procs. Cast  Mortal Strike (regardless of  Focused Rage stacks) above 20%. Cast  Focused Rage if not at 3 stacks or during  Battle Cry. Cast  Slam if at 3 stacks of  Focused Rage, or during  Battle Cry. So this means that you could Charge > CS > MS > WB > FR until MS off CD > MS > FR unitl 3 stacks > Slam until MS off CD > MS...... and so on.
      Now this is ok, but does leave you using MS alot of the time when FR is not at 3 stacks and outside Shattered Defense, meaning it is weak.
      Now another version from Wowhead is:
       Charge to enter melee range;  Focused Rage can be used simultaneously  Colossus Smash if  Shattered Defenses is not up;  Warbreaker may be used if Colossus Smash is on cooldown and there is no upcoming AoE phase  Focused Rage once with each fresh application of  Shattered Defenses, or if above 75 rage (100 rage with  Unending Rage) to avoid rage capping  Mortal Strike  Execute with  Ayala's Stone Heart proc  Slam if above 32 rage and  Colossus Smash and  Mortal Strike are on cooldown If below 32 rage and other abilities are on cooldown, simply wait for a higher priority to become available or move out of melee range and  Chargeback in to generate more rage In other words, keeping the Shattered Defenses buff up is priority, and Focused Rage should only be used with that buff or to keep from rage capping. Aside from using Colossus Smash and Mortal Strike on cooldown, Slam will be the main filler and rage spender while waiting for Colossus Smash cooldown resets.
      Now this is ok, but again it seems to lack 3 stacks of FR for use with Shattered Defense and MS due to hitting slam before stacking 3 FR.
      The last roration is another that I have see in these forums and goes like this:
       Charge to enter melee range;  Focused Rage can be used simultaneously  Colossus Smash if  Shattered Defenses is not up;  Warbreaker may be used if Colossus Smash is on cooldown and there is no upcoming AoE phase  Mortal Strike after  Colossus Smash and when  Shattered Defenses is up regardless of FR stacks  Execute with  Ayala's Stone Heart proc  Focused Rage until 3 stacks  Slam span until Tactition procs then go to 3 above This makes the most sense as it maximises the damage done by Mortal Strike by only using to when Shattered Defense is up and slam spamming fishing for CS resets. So it will look like this.   Charge > CS + FR > MS > FR > FR > FR > Slam > Slam > CS (proc) + FR > MS > FR > CS (proc) + FR > MS.... and so on and so on.   What is the definitive answer here for the max DPS and damage over a period of a fight?
    • By Ackthal
      Guide to Kanrethad Ebonlocke
      by Ackthal
      Kanrethad is the final encounter of the quest line for warlocks to obtain green fire spell-effects. At the time of this post, he is one of the hardest solo encounters to date; from experience I’d say it’s more difficult than the benediction/anathema event. I’ve also been told it’s more difficult than the solo encounter to obtain Teragosa.
      There are many ways to approach each facet of the encounter and this guide contains what I have found to work best. It is by no means an all-inclusive guide but I will try to shed light on some of the more important factors of the encounter.
      My video guide of the fight:
      Please post reply and +1 if you enjoyed this or found it helpful
      All three specs work for this encounter but I have found that destruction is the easiest to pull it off with and it is what I’ll be using in this guide. With destruction you have only one DoT to track and it has one of the most basic spell rotations. This will allow you to mindlessly cast while dedicating almost all of your attention to the mechanics of the fight.
      Destruction contains some very nice burst (both AOE and single target), which will be Important during the Imp and Felhunter phases (covered in detail later). The ability Ember Tap can also be useful when low on HP.
      Icyveins guide to Destruction Warlocks: http://www.icy-veins...w-pve-dps-guide
      Soul Leach: Provides you with 10% of your damage as an absorption effect, a nice passive ability that will add a lot of points to your overall HP pool during the fight.
      Shadowfury: Used during the Imp and Felhunter phase to reduce damage received.
      Sacrificial Pact: Used to soak Chaos Bolt or other incoming damage.
      Unbound Will: Used to dispel yourself when you can’t use your Pit Lord dispel.
      Grimoire of Sacrifice: You will be enslaving a Pit Lord the entire encounter so you will not be able to have one of your own pets out, might as well pick up the extra damage and regeneration. Be sure to sacrifice the Imp for Cauterize Master, which can be used in conjuncture with the Pit Lord Fel Flame dispel and Unbound Will (more on this later).
      Kil’jaeden’s Cunning: There is a lot of movement in this encounter and being able to cast while doing so will dramatically increase your DPS.
      Glyph of Siphon Life: Provides passive HP regeneration.
      Glyph of Healthstone: 100% more HP from your healthstone, nice in clutch situations.
      Glyph of Ember Tap: Provides 5% extra healing from your ember tap ability, but over 10 seconds. You may choose to not use this glyph if you will be relying on a quick injection of hp (preparing for incoming Chaos Bolt).
      Glyph of Dark Soul: If you have T14 set bonus Dark Soul will be off cool down most of the fight since you will be saving it for the Felhunter phase, this is where this glyph will benefit you most. You may feel that you can manage the timing of the cooldown to be able to use it in-between each Felhunter phase (I like to use it a second time during each cycle in-between Doomguard and Imp phases), if so, don’t use this glyph, but be warned that having it ready for the Felhunter phase is a MUST.
      Glyph of Enslave Demon**: You need to use this for this encounter as the Pit Lord will Charge you and stun for 5 seconds if you don’t get this cast off fast enough. You will casting Enslave Demon more than once throughout the fight.
      Glyph of Gateway Attunement** (or alternatively a Gateway Control Stone): Allows you to walk through your demonic gateway to use it, rather than having to click it. Since using the gateway as much as possible is a necessity in this fight, this glyph (or the stone) is a must.
      Kanrethad Abilities:
      Curse of Ultimate Doom: 2 second cast debuff- 500 million damage after 7 minutes. This is Blizzard’s way of capping the time limit on the fight. It can be easily dealt with by using a Purification Potion to remove it once, potentially extending the time to 14 minutes.
      Excruciating Agony: A slow ticking DoT that will build up in damage as it stays on you (must be dispelled).
      Seed of Terrible Destruction: A debuff that will expire after 15 seconds, randomly applying one of three effects.

      1.) Annoying Imp: This is an undispelable debuff, an Imp will latch on to you and interrupts casting and stops movement every 2-3 seconds.
      2.) Void Zone: Knocks you back about 20 yards and generates a void circle about 10 yards in diameter at point of knockback. If you step into this void circle it will suck you in and trap you while doing continual damage, eventually killing you.
      3.) Backfire: Debuff that provides a 25% damage increase.
      Seed of Terrible Destruction must be dispelled before expiring. The 25% damage buff is nice but you have a 2/3 chance of getting screwed if you allow it to tick off.Soul Fire: 35k damage – 3 second cast; uninterruptable single target cast, easily mitigated with Pit Lord tanking and self-regen/absorbs.
      Chaos Bolt: 450k – 6 second cast; he will cast this on you about every minute, you can choose to line of site Kanrethad to avoid this or absorb it with Sacrificial Pact, Twilight Ward, and Unending Resolve. I would not recommend using the Pit Lord Charge to interrupt this spell as it will be needed to interrupt Cataclysm.
      Cataclysm: Inflicts 25k damage over 15 seconds, at the end of the 6 second cast it does 1 million damage to all targets within 100 yards. During phase transition Kanrethad will run to the center of the room and start casting Cataclysm, if this is not interrupted with Pit Lord Charge ability before the cast finishes, it will nuke the hell out of you and you will die a horrible death while being thrown one hundred feet into the air.
      Summon Pit Lord: 10 second cast; Kanrethad moves to his gateway and summons a Pit Lord; this thing has a lot of HP and must be enslaved immediately with Enslave Demon (use a macro). You will rely on the Pit Lord’s abilities and large health pool to complete this encounter. If the Pit Lord is left uncontrolled you will quickly find out he can make your life very difficult with 100k cleaves.
      Summon Wild Imps: 10 second cast; Kanrethad moves to his gateway and begins to summon 60 Imps to attack you; he will continuously summon Imps until the cast finishes. These will take you down fairly fast if left unchecked.
      Summon Felhunters: 10 second cast; Kanrethad moves to his gateway and summons 3 Felhunters, these do some damage and dispel your Enslave Demon on the Pit Lord (more on how to deal with this later).
      Summon Doom Lord: 10 second cast; Kanrethad moves to his gateway and summons a Doom Lord to attack you. The Doom Lord can be banished, but I prefer to let the Pit Lord tank it so I don’t have to re-banish throughout the fight.
      Pit Lord Abilities:
      Cleave: His main attack, this should be on passive auto-use and is none of our concern.
      Fel Flame Breath: A frontal cone AOE that does 25,000 damage per tick and each tick also dispels one of your debuffs. It has a range of about 10 yards and has an 8 second cooldown. This should be used as often as possible to constantly be dispelling yourself and to provide another source of damage/aggro for your Pit Lord. Make sure this ability is macroed and bound. In this guide I instruct you to only use it on yourself with the macro provided below then you can direct it where you want with your own movement.
      Charge: Charges the target and stuns them for 5 seconds, while stunned the target takes 100% increased damage. Save this ability for interrupting Cataclysm during each phase transition; it has 20 second cooldown. I recommend binding this ability with a target focus macro.
      Demonic Siphon: An ability that will heal you for 200k hp, it has a 20 second cooldown. This should be bound/macroed and used whenever you have some missing HP.
      Abilities to pay attention to outside of your “normal” rotation:
      Demonic Gateway: This is your bread and butter for surviving the fight; use it as often as possible (when off cooldown). Be sure to have the stone or the glyph so you don’t have to click on your gateway to use it. I found the best positioning for me is to have one end near the center of the room and the other end in front of Kanrethad’s gateway (as seen in the video); this allows you to line up your Pit Lord’s Fel Flame Breath for maximum damage and dispels since Kanrethad sits in the same two spots for most of the fight.
      Demonic Circle: Use it to travel key locations quickly, whether it is to line of site Chaos Bolt or positioning for Imp and Felhunter phases.
      Singe Magic: Use this to dispel your debuffs when you are unable to use Pit Lord’s Fel Flame.
      Soulshatter: A nice aggro dump, save this for Felhunter phase (more on this later).
      Shadowfury: An excellent utility spell, use this to stun Imp/Felhunter groups for reducing incoming damage.
      Sacrificial Pact: Save this for incoming Chaos Bolt’s or emergencies.
      Twilight Ward: Save this for incoming Chaos Bolt’s.
      Unending Resolve: A nice damage reduction, to be used to reduce incoming damage during Imp/Felhunter phases or incoming Chaos Bolts.
      Unbound Will: Very useful for removing debuffs when Pit Lord Fel Flame is unavailable, save this for the beginning of the Felhunter phase (more on this later).
      The Fight:
      As stated before, this strategy is what I found to work best and is by no means the only way to complete this encounter. The fight consists of an entry phase, and then it repeats a three phase cycle until the fight has been completed. There is a transition between each phase that is the same where he will run to the center of the room and cast Cataclysm.
      Phase Zero (Pit Lord)
      After clicking the soul well, a demonic gateway will pop up and Kanrethad will appear, PUT HIM ON FOCUS. Whilst bragging about his huge e-peen and talking a little trash, he will walk to one side of the platform. He is attackable about 5.5 seconds after he turns towards you, during this time I like to pre-pot with Jade Serpent Potion before combat begins. Make sure that you pot before combat begins as you can only use one potion per combat cycle and you may need to use Purification Potion later in the fight to remove Curse of Ultimate Doom.
      You will have a good chunk of time to free-cast on Kanrethad before he summons the Pit Lord. Take advantage of it and use all your dps cooldowns, throw in a couple Chaos Bolts.
      Enslave the Pit Lord immediately after it appears or you run the risk of being Charged and stunned for five seconds. Have the Pit Lord attack Kanrethad, use Fel Flame Breath on him and then jump through your gateway so your Pit Lord can get aggro and tank him. Kanrethad will be almost exclusively attacking the Pit Lord while throwing debuffs on you if you manage your threat correctly. Position yourself behind Kanrethad and use Fel Flame Breath (macro listed below) to damage Kanrethad and dispel yourself at the same time. Continue to use your gateway and Fel Flame Breath as often as they’re off cooldown.
      **This fight is much easier when Kanrethad is aggressed on the Pit Lord at all times. I have found that he will cast chaos bolt much less while aggressed on the Pit Lord and you will receive little damage from Kanrethad himself if you are consistently dispelling yourself. That is why it is so important to constantly use your Demonic Gateway.
      After a minute or so Kanrethad will run to the center of the room and begin to cast Cataclysm, use your Pit Lord’s Charge ability to interrupt Cataclysm and take advantage of the 100% damage increase on Kanrethad while he is stunned. I noticed that every once in a while during this first phase he will not cast Cataclysm after he runs to the center of the room, if you notice he doesn’t start casting it shortly after he gets to the center, it’s safe to use the Pit Lord stun to take advantage of the extra damage.
      Phase 1 (Imp Phase)
      After a minute Kanrethad will run back towards his gateway and begin the Imp phase. He will continuously summon Imps while the spell is being cast (10 seconds). I like to position my Pit Lord near the front center of the gateway (with ctrl+3), about 7 yards from it, and I like to position myself right in front of the Pit Lord, in between the Pit Lord and Imps. Save your damage cooldowns. As the Imps begin to flow out toss a couple Rain of Fires on the gateway, wait until all of the Imps have been summoned, then throw down your Shadowfury and cast Fire & Brimstone + Immolate on the Imps. Right after your F&B Immolate use the Pit Lord Fel Flame Breath on yourself and stand in the Imps. At this point most of them should be dead, you may need to toss another rain of fire to finish them off and use Demonic Siphon to cap your HP. Continue damage on Kanrethad.
      Phase 1.5 (change phase)
      Kanrethad runs to the center of the room and you interrupt his Cataclysm with Charge, SAVE YOUR EMBERS AND DPS COOLDOWNS, you will need them for the Felhunter phase. Immediately after the stun falls off you will manually move (default ctrl+3) your Pit Lord behind the pillar that is located behind the gateway and to the right (as seen in the video). This will allow you to move to the center-left of the room and deal with the Felhunters without running the risk of them dispelling your enslave demon. Continue damaging Kanrethad.
      As your Pit Lord is running behind the pillar to LoS the incoming Felhunters you will be unable to use Fel Flame Breath to dispel yourself, use Cauterize Master as much as possible during this setup to reduce incoming damage and then use Unbound Will right as Kanrethad begins to cast Summon Felhunters to remove any further debuff you may have.
      Phase 2 (Felhunter Phase)
      Right before the first Felhunter comes out use Soul Shatter to clear your aggro table so Kanrethad will ignore you and run over to continue damaging the Pit Lord. Pay attention to your warnings because he may still cast Chaos Bolt on you while you are dealing with the Felhunters.
      As the three Felhunters begin to come out, pop your damaging CD’s and use Chaos Bolt, I like to have at least 3 embers saved for this phase since it is the most difficult one to get through. Make sure immolate is on all of them and take one down at a time by using Chaos Bolt + Conflag + Incinerate + Shadowburn. You may need to cast additional Incinerates before you can Shadowburn depending on your gear or how lucky you get with crits. Remember that you can use Shadowfury on them to reduce incoming damage.
      Phase 2.5 (Phase Change)
      After all 3 Felhunters are dead command your pet to attack and continue damaging Kanrethad, he’ll go through another phase change by casting Cataclysm. Deal with it the same way as before, use your embers on Chaos Bolts while he is stunned. Keep using your Demonic Gateway and Fel Flame Breath!
      Phase 3 (Doom Lord Phase)
      This is the easiest phase to deal with. While Kanrethad is casting Summon Doom Lord, take advantage of this time to dismiss your Pit Lord and re-enslave him so you don’t have to worry about losing control of him later in the fight. Continue to damage Kanrethad while he is summoning, try to time your Demonic Gateway debuff so you will be able to use it right as the Doom Lord comes out, when this happens attack command your Pit Lord on the Doom Lord and use Fel Flame Breath. Jump through your gateway, the Doom Lord should be attacking your Pit Lord and you can command him to continue attacking Kanrethad.
      Phase 3.5 and on to Cycle Repeat
      Kanrethad casts Cataclysm and you interrupt it with Charge while continuing to use Fel Flame Breath and Demonic Gateway. The cycle of phases 1-3 will continue to repeat itself until you have finished the fight. Use the same strategy for each phase as it repeats. The only difference is that there will be a Doomguard out, but he should be attacking your Pit Lord the entire time and he will be of no concern. Deal with additional Doomguards the same way.
      **Remember to use a purification potion before Curse of Ultimate Doom is allowed to tick. Make sure you don’t have the Excruciating Agony curse on you when you use it or the potion may be wasted. Wait to use it after Fel Flame Breath clears your debuffs.
      Enslave Macro:
      /target Pit Lord
      /cast Enslave Demon
      Fel Flame Breath (at self)
      /cast [@player] Fel Flame Breath
      Pit Lord Charge
      /target Kanrethad
      /cast Charge
      Pit Lord Heal
      /cast Demonic Siphon
      Chaos Bolt Defense
      /cast Sacrificial Pact
      /cast Twilight Ward
      /cast Unending Resolve
      Important things to remember and Tips
      -Have your Imp sacrifice, Dark Soul, flask, food buff, healstones, and potions ready before starting
      -Put Kanrethad on focus
      -Use Demonic Gateway as much as possible; get a Gateway Control Stone or the Glyph of Gateway Attunement so you don’t have to click your gateway to use it.
      -Use the Fel Flame Breath macro on yourself as much as possible (make sure it’s up for Imps) and line up your positioning so it hits Kanrethad and the Doom lord(s).
      -Use Singe Magic to dispel yourself when Fel Flame Breath is out of range or on cooldown
      -Make sure your DPS cooldowns are up and you have at least 3 Burning Embers going into Fel Hunter phase.
      -Save Sacrificial Pact and Twilight Ward for incoming Chaos Bolts
      -Use Ember Tap + Healthstone if you get a little low and the Pit Lord heal is on cooldown, I like to use these in conjunction with their glyphs during Imp Phase while I’m waiting for all of the Imps to appear before blowing them up.
      -Use your Shadowfury on Imps and Felhunters
      -Save Soulshatter and Unbound Will (to remove debuffs) for when Kanrethad is summoning Fel hunters
      -Pre-pot with Jade Serpent Potion, don’t use any potions during combat so you are able to use Purification Potion to remove Curse of Ultimate Doom.
      -When you see Kanrethad running to center of the room to begin casting Cataclysm, anticipate it and begin to cast Chaos Bolt before he starts casting Cataclysm. This way, right as you Charge him with the Pit Lord, a Chaos Bolt will land and you can get in an additional 2 chaos bolts before the 100% damage increase on Kanrethad fades. This can add up to a lot of extra damage if timed right. (Remember don’t do this during the change between Imp and Felhunter phase, you need to save embers for that!)
      Thanks for reading, if you have any questions you can post them here and I’ll try to respond. Please rate if you found it helpful.
    • By kozy
      So I did the quest thing just now as affliction. I've seen a lot of threads about it being nearly too hard for affliction, so I decided to record it.
      Reason to why I don't use my demonic gateway at all, is because it seems to be bugged at the moment and doesn't actually teleport me, aswell as it not being needed as seen in the video. You really just need to try and keep your calm as best as possible, and learn the fight as you go through it. Gear definitely seems to be a requirement, however not as good gear as some people make it seem. You can see at the end of the fight I still had quite a while to get before the "enrage" (7minute DoT thing).
      My equipped ilvl is 499 and I'm using the glyph of enslave demon to make the cast lower. If anyone has any other questions, feel free to ask!
      Hopefully this video might help someone :)
    • By Damien
      We have released a video for the Green Fire quest line, which you can find embedded above. While the quest line is not that difficult, the fight against Kanrethad Ebonlocke (which starts at 03m47s in the video) is very complex.

      The video should provide you with the proper strategy for the fight, but we feel that it is important to also have a written format of the guide (especially for things that we could not put in the video, like macros).

      We would like to thank Zinnin (Youtube / Twitch) from the US guild Midnight Sanctuary for providing us with footage of the boss.

      The first piece of advice for this boss is to use Grimoire of Sacrifice. You will not be able to use a demon for this fight, as you will have to enslave a Pit Lord. So, if you were using one of your demons, it would end up being dismissed anyway.

      Once Kanrethad is summoned, you will be able to attack him freely for 20 seconds without him doing anything, so pop up cooldowns and burn him down.

      After 20 seconds, he will summon a Pit Lord, which you need to enslave. We strongly recommend making an Enslave Demon macro:
      /target Pit Lord/cast Enslave Demon Otherwise, you run the risk of him stunning you before you finish casting Enslave Demon, wasting a few seconds.

      Once enslaved, the Pit Lord will assist you against Kanrethad. He has three abilities that you will find useful.
      Fel Flame Breath deals 25k damage every second to every unit and player in its path. It lasts 3 seconds and every time you take damage from it, it dispells a debuff from you. This ability will be extremely useful. You will need to make two macros for
      it, see below. Charge enables you to stun Kanrethad for a few seconds. This ability is designed to help you interrupt Cataclysm, an ability that would otherwise kill you. Health Funnel heals you for about 300k on a 20-second cooldown. Bind it and use it as often as possible. The first macro will cast Fel Flame Breath on you, use it to remove the debuffs that Kanrethad applies on you (see below).
      /cast [@player] Fel Flame Breath The second macro will cast Fel Flame Breath on a random Wild Imp (adds that Kanrethad sometimes spawn and that you should keep grouped up).
      /target Wild Imp/petattack/cast Fel Flame Breath/targetlasttarget/petattack The next thing Kanrethad will do is cast Curse of Ultimate Doom on you. From that moment on, you have 7 minutes to kill him before you die. He will also keep trying to apply Excruciating Agony and Seed of Terrible Destruction on you. You must keep dispelling them with the Pit Lord's Fel Flame Breath.

      Approximately every minute, Kanrethad will cast Chaos Bolt at you. While you can interrupt his cast with the Pit Lord's Charge, we recommend you saving it for Cataclysm. Instead, use Sacrificial Pact and Twilight Ward to mitigate the damage from Kanrethad's Chaos Bolt.

      Shortly after, Kanrethad will cast Cataclysm. Interrupt it with Charge. For the next 6 seconds, Kanrethad will take 100% increased damage, so try to do as much damage on him as possible during that time.

      Roughly 1 minute after summoning the Pit Lord, Kanrethad will summon Wild Imps. Your goal here is to run all the way back as far as you can, so that the Imps group up in the center. Then, use Shadowfury to stun them and use the Pit Lord's Fel Flame Breath macro to damage them. Finally, use your Demonic Gate to reset your threat and your Pit Lord will keep aggro on them. His subsequent casts of Fel Flame Breath should eventually kill them. You can use some of your AoE abilities to finish them off, if necessary.

      Other than trying to apply his debuffs on you, Kanrethad will also often target you with Rain of Fire, which you need to move out of, and Soul Fire, which deals unavoidable damage.

      Approximately 1 minute after summoning the Wild Imps, Kanrethad will summon 3 Felhunters. Killing these Felhunters as fast as you can is the most crucial part of the fight. They have the ability to dispel your Enslave Demon off of the Pit Lord, which can be extremely problematic. When Kanrethad is summoning
      the Felhunter, you should use your Demonic Circle to travel as far as you can from the portal. Then instruct your Pit Lord to run as far away from you as possible. This will ensure that the Pit Lord is out of range from the Felhunters.

      When the Felhunters spawn, use all your offensive cooldowns to kill them fast. Also, make sure to make good use of your defensive cooldowns, because Kanrethad will use his very damaging Chaos Bolt shortly after you kill the Felhunters.

      One minute later, Kanrethad will summon a Doom Lord. We advise to let the Pit Lord get aggro on it by hitting it with the Fel Flame Breath. Then use the Demonic Gate to reset your aggro. This way, the Doom Lord will keep attacking the Pit Lord and will not pose any threat to you.

      From that moment on, the fight is just a repetition of itself. After 1 minute, you will get a new wave of Imps and 1 minute later, a new wave of Felhunters. You need to deal with these waves in the exact same manner as you previously did. We advise you to refresh your Enslave Demon on the Pit Lord before the second wave of Imps, so that it does not expire while you are fighting the Imps.

      The second Doom Lord should be handled by keeping him banished.
      Community suggested weak aura string:
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