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Focused Rage Arms Rotation Confusion in 7.1. Which one is right?

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Ok, so I been doing a lot of research and testing with the FR Arms build as set on Icy Veins, however there is some confusion over the best rotation when the target has >20% HP.

Icy Veins states the following, I removed the sub 20% suggestions:

  1. Cast Charge Icon Charge if out of range of your target.
  2. Cast Colossus Smash Icon Colossus Smash if available and Icon Shattered Defenses is not active.
  3. Cast Icon Warbreaker if Colossus Smash Icon Colossus Smash is absent from the target and Icon Shattered Defenses is not active.
  4. Cast Execute Icon Execute with Ayala's Stone Heart Icon Ayala's Stone Heart procs.
  5. Cast Mortal Strike Icon Mortal Strike (regardless of Focused Rage Icon Focused Rage stacks) above 20%.
  6. Cast Focused Rage Icon Focused Rage if not at 3 stacks or during Battle Cry Icon Battle Cry.
  7. Cast Slam Icon Slam if at 3 stacks of Focused Rage Icon Focused Rage, or during Battle Cry Icon Battle Cry.

So this means that you could Charge > CS > MS > WB > FR until MS off CD > MS > FR unitl 3 stacks > Slam until MS off CD > MS...... and so on.


Now this is ok, but does leave you using MS alot of the time when FR is not at 3 stacks and outside Shattered Defense, meaning it is weak.


Now another version from Wowhead is:


  1. ability_warrior_charge.gif Charge to enter melee range; ability_warrior_focusedrage.gif Focused Rage can be used simultaneously
  2. ability_warrior_colossussmash.gif Colossus Smash if warrior_talent_icon_igniteweapon.gif Shattered Defenses is not up; inv_sword_2h_artifactarathor_d_01.gif Warbreaker may be used if Colossus Smash is on cooldown and there is no upcoming AoE phase
  3. ability_warrior_focusedrage.gif Focused Rage once with each fresh application of warrior_talent_icon_igniteweapon.gif Shattered Defenses, or if above 75 rage (100 rage with ability_warrior_intensifyrage.gif Unending Rage) to avoid rage capping
  4. ability_warrior_decisivestrike.gif Slam if above 32 rage and ability_warrior_colossussmash.gif Colossus Smash and ability_warrior_savageblow.gif Mortal Strike are on cooldown
  5. If below 32 rage and other abilities are on cooldown, simply wait for a higher priority to become available or move out of melee range and ability_warrior_charge.gif Chargeback in to generate more rage

In other words, keeping the Shattered Defenses buff up is priority, and Focused Rage should only be used with that buff or to keep from rage capping. Aside from using Colossus Smash and Mortal Strike on cooldown, Slam will be the main filler and rage spender while waiting for Colossus Smash cooldown resets.


Now this is ok, but again it seems to lack 3 stacks of FR for use with Shattered Defense and MS due to hitting slam before stacking 3 FR.


The last roration is another that I have see in these forums and goes like this:


  1. ability_warrior_charge.gif Charge to enter melee range; ability_warrior_focusedrage.gif Focused Rage can be used simultaneously
  2. ability_warrior_colossussmash.gif Colossus Smash if warrior_talent_icon_igniteweapon.gif Shattered Defenses is not up; inv_sword_2h_artifactarathor_d_01.gif Warbreaker may be used if Colossus Smash is on cooldown and there is no upcoming AoE phase
  3. ability_warrior_savageblow.gif Mortal Strike after ability_warrior_colossussmash.gif Colossus Smash and when warrior_talent_icon_igniteweapon.gif Shattered Defenses is up regardless of FR stacks
  4. ability_warrior_focusedrage.gif Focused Rage until 3 stacks
  5. ability_warrior_decisivestrike.gif Slam span until Tactition procs then go to 3 above
This makes the most sense as it maximises the damage done by Mortal Strike by only using to when Shattered Defense is up and slam spamming fishing for CS resets. So it will look like this.
Charge > CS + FR > MS > FR > FR > FR > Slam > Slam > CS (proc) + FR > MS > FR > CS (proc) + FR > MS.... and so on and so on.
What is the definitive answer here for the max DPS and damage over a period of a fight?
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2 hours ago, Westy said:

What is the definitive answer here for the max DPS and damage over a period of a fight?

Good afternoon, Westy.

If you could provide the answer for that question alone. . . it'd be liking having Willy Wonka's golden ticket. In reality, however, there is no such thing as a definitive answer because there are other factors not listed in any of these guides. The very definition of a guide is "a thing that helps someone to form an opinion or make a decision or calculation".

Overall, all three suggestions above say the same thing. However they can be modified by factors such as trinket procs, your stats, your luck in Tactician procs, how far along you are in the artifact weapon. . . so many things.

The bottom line to any rotation guide you read will have the following points in between the lines:

  • Always prioritize having Colossus Smash on your target.
  • Cast Mortal Strike regardless of Focus Rage stacks.
  • Do not overuse Focus Rage (have a way to monitor your stacks; don't cast FR if you're already at 3 stacks).
  • Do not overwrite your Shattered Defenses buff.
  • Use Warbreaker to extend the duration of Colossus Smash.
  • Monitor your swing timer (WA / Quartz) and use Charge to generate rage if nothing else is available.

That's just above 20% HP. There are nuances that will come into play while you're maintaining those concepts. If you keep those points in mind then you will know what ability to use next and how to maintain your rotation. Again, things can come into play like consecutive Tactician procs, heroism, etc. These rotations you're reading are guides. They are, by no means, definitive.

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