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Are there any guides to the druid at various lower levels I seem to only find things covering 85-90. If you can point me to some of them it would be very helpful. Currently at lvl 30 and just want to make sure I'm getting things right before I get to far along.

Main reason for asking is that while my range/cast abilities seem good, I seem to struggle when enemies are right on top of me.

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First off, Grumbachr, welcome to the Icy Veins forums!

I'd like to say that, at level 30, you're probably not doing anything wrong simply because you do not have enough abilities for a "wrong" rotation of sorts.

Depending on the spec you chose at 10 depends on how your combat will typically go. If you've selected Balance then you will have more advantage with your ranged abilities that come with the spec. If you've selected Feral (Cat) or Guardian (Bear) then your combat will be in melee range.

If you are balance and find yourself in melee combat I would recommend simple things such as starting the fight off with spell_nature_stranglevines.jpgEntangling Roots and throw your first DoT at maximum range. This will give you a little bit more time to cast and not suffer a push back on your casts.

As far as specific guides go for lower levels, I do not know of any as of this point. I do know that Icy Veins is working on such guides, however. For now they simply recommend Feral or Balance as your leveling spec and not much more.

I hope this helps. If you have any other questions do not hesitate to ask. I'm sure someone else, if not myself, will be able to lend more help if you should need it.

Again, welcome to Icy Veins!

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Thanks Sajakain that does help.

I've been using Icy-veins to fix my Pally, he was so awful (beyond awful). I figured out I somehow managed to get him to Lvl90/iLvl 470+ and i didn't understand the basics. Using this site I made some vast improvements to the pally almost doubled my DPS output.

I'm just hoping to not make the same mistakes with the Druid as I did with the pally. I'll give Feral a try and see if the malee has more familiar play style.

I'd also love to see some lower level guides as I have other toon i plan on leveling up and help at lower levels would always be welcome.


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Sorry thought I had said what class/spec I was, oops.

I'm currently lvl 30 NightElf Balance Druid. I can now choose a 2nd spec think I will try out Feral tonight.

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