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Glyph of Blooming

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Hello everybody Posted Image

After a long period where I never saw spell_nature_protectionformnature.jpgGlyph of Blooming use outside of PvP, I've started to run into quite a few players who use it for raiding.

I've never run a raid with it, but I am curious to hear if anyone of you have some experience with it?

I suppose that if you really babysit it and time the bloom to land when you need the burst healing it might be okay, but I can't help thinking that it's a waste of global cooldowns which could have been better spent casting more spells. I run with inv_misc_herb_felblossom.jpgGlyph of Lifebloom, ability_druid_flourish.jpgGlyph of Wild Growth and spell_nature_resistnature.jpgGlyph of Regrowth for the same reason.

So what do you think? Worth it or not?

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Not sure if there is a place for it in the raiding scene, Though I did find it VERY useful for Challenge mode dungeons.

I think for a raid, you just cant afford to take the time to babysit it when you should be focused on doing other stuff.

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I used this glyph on some situational fights, to make the best use of hast procs of the lifebloom.

I believe (maybe I'm wrong) that when you cast a spell that refreshes the stacks of lifebloom, it will recalculate the number of ticks depending of your actual haste when it is refreshed, even if you had WAY more haste before.

For example, I used it on Tsulong, with Soul of The Forest, to cast a lifebloom with +75% haste, then I spammed Healing Touch :)

But as I said, this glyph is situational.

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