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Long Time Resto Druid Asking for help

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I have been a Resto druid since WOLK.  I love healing on a druid and I am happy with the changes in Legion.

I have a few questions... First I use AskMrRobot for help with gearing but I do not agree with their stat weights, so I have made changes and have used multiple sites to check.  I just feel there is a wide discrepancy between what theory people think.  I know for Mythic+ Mastery is valued much more than Haste.  But in Raids Haste and Crit are valued.  I am trying to find a base stat weight so I do not have to constantly change based on Mythics vs Raids as I do both.  I am no longer Hard Core Progression Raider but i do like to make sure I am playing my toon to the best of my ability.

The stat weights I use currently are from Noxxic  Int (9.06), Haste (7.56), Crit (6.06), Mastery (4.56), Vers (3.06)

I also saw these Stat weights from Sometimes a Tree    Int (1.0), Haste (.625), Mastery (.61), Crit (.592), Vers (.518)    This was told as more of a Mythic+ setup, but not sure if it is a good overall stat weight.

AskMrRobot Stat weights put way too much emphasis on Mastery in my opinion.   I have always been part of the stacking Haste Philosophy.  But want to know what the community thinks and f someone found a good balance of the stats for both Raiding and Mythic +


My other question is about performance and mana issues, we are running normal and gonna start doing heroics and I want to be successful so any help would be appreciated from the community.

My Armory at the moment is this, but I have alot of gear saved depending on stat weights it changes.


My most recent logs that I have are here


Thanks again to the community!!

Looking for some constructive advice!!




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Hello there!

I'd strongly recommend using Resto Druid Stat Weights when it comes to figuring out good weights to use (https://wow.curseforge.com/addons/rdsw/). It's just a weakaura string, but super helpful in seeing how things change in different situations. The addon lets you save it to a text file. Generally, weights derived from actual play will be better than sims, and you also get the bonus of having it tailored to your current stats rather than generic numbers. Also, you don't have to trust Noxxic. Never trust Noxxic.

If you're trying to keep only one gear set, best thing to do would be to figure out your weights for each type of content you play, normalize them to int = 1 (just divide all the weights by the int value), then do a weighted average between your two sets. You can then decide how much to value each type of content -- maybe you want 60% raid and 40% m+, or something. Then it's just plug and chug into Mr Robot. An alternative approach might be to just gear for raids and figure your M+ will be fine -- Haste and Crit stay good in M+; Mastery just goes from kinda crappy to slightly better than crit. You'll be slightly worse than you could be in M+ by switching gear sets, but you won't be seriously gimping yourself like you would be taking an M+ set into a raid.

All that being said, you'll find that ilvl is a pretty decent substitute for asking Mr Robot on everything except jewelry and trinkets.  We restos are lucky in that INT is still our best stat by a reasonable margin, unlike a lot of DPS specs right now (*cries for Boomy*). If you're looking to save time (which imo would be the main motivation behind not maintaining two gear sets), I'd do something like :

- Best ilvl on armor and capes
- Best ilvl w/ haste on jewlery, unless the non-haste pieces is substantially higher ilvl
- Use the icy-veins guide for trinket choice

hope that helps!

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Sighelm...  Thank you so much for this response.

I don't understand how weak auras and that string work.   I guess I can just upload the add-on and put that string and see what happens.  But I am pretty good with add ons but I just don't understand what using that string does.   Does it just download a file somewhere?

I agree with you that I should just use a Raid setup and use it in mythic + as well.  That is what I have been doing and I have not suffered that much.

I also was just wondering what rest druids thought of the logs I posted, to make sure I am on the correct path for this expansion.

Thanks again for your insight


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On 20/10/2016 at 5:22 PM, Jayblo said:

How do you feel about this website as a guide for stats  It puts Haste above Int which is confusing to me



Right now Int is KING! 

There are very few situations where you want to drop ilvl (read int) for haste. 

Currently Haste/Crit as secondary stats is the best for raiding as mastery doesn't benefit you much as it is hard and very mana inefficent to keep a full raid team decked out it hots!

In mythic+ tho mastery is better than crit for the reason being that you can actually multi hot people easily and get the benefits of our mastery!

Currently I use these stat weights

Raid: Int = 1, Haste = 0.725, Crit = 0.7, Mastery = 0.6, Vers = 0.65

Mythic+: Int = 1, Haste = 0.75, Crit = 0.7, Mastery = 0.9, Vers = 0.65

These weights have been working great for me at least!




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