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Hunter Tier 15 4-Set Survival Stat Priorities

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As a survival hunter, stat priority is more or less crit > haste > mastery. With 4-set tier 15, I assume that mastery increases the damage of the proc arrow. Does the value of mastery increase to match or exceed haste?

Please respond with simcraft or extensive personal experience. I can read all the normal guides online.


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The default Simulation Craft profile for Survival Hunters in T15 Normal gear has 4 pieces of T15. For the profile, Haste Rating has a weight of 1.92 (+/-0.12) and Mastery Rating has a weight of 1.03 (+/-0.12).

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Haste is better for real ppm items, regardless of mastery's interaction with them.

quoted from a post I made earlier:

I was looking over this, and it appears that you might have misunderstood what I said. The equation of determining Real PPM items/set bonuses scales linearly and is directly modified by haste. The 4 piece is 3 Real PPM, that means regardless of how fast you are attacking/ability usage, on average, you'll get 3 procs a minute with 0% haste. With 1% haste that is now 3 * 1.01 = 3.03 Real PPM. With 50% haste, that is now 3 * 1.50 = 4.5 Real PPM.

With that being said, with my reforges I'd be trading 2k haste for 2k mastery if I were to reforge mastery > haste. That equates to a 4.7% loss in haste. So you are losing a 4.7% gain in proc rate for everything Real PPM oriented for 3.3% (repeating) gain in damage to the 4 piece and the meta.My 4 piece is hitting for 45k - 90k. So (3 Real PPM * 45k and 90k =) 135k - 270k before haste. Adding the 4.7% into the equation (3 Real PPM * 1.047 * 45k and 90k =) gives me 141,345 - 282,690 damage. Adding 3.3% damage into the first equation (135k + 3.3% and 270k + 3.3%) gives me 139,500 - 279,000. So as you can see mathematically, haste is better by a bit because it takes less haste to make a % than it does for mastery for survival.

425 haste = 1% haste

600 mastery = 1% mastery

So if it is ahead by a bit even with mastery competing, it would be better with mastery being taken out of the equation.

TL ; DR it takes less haste to equal 1% than it does mastery, thus making it benefit more from real ppm items.

The only real ppm items that are affected by mastery is the meta and the 4 piece and haste is beating mastery on those.

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