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Hello all,

I am just coming back from a long vacation from WoW and in getting back into bear tanking and have some conflicts in how to gear my furry butt.


I am looking for some clarification to bear stat weights.


I use Icy Veins as my go to for every expansion for as long as i can remember.  The guardian section shows gear stat weight as such Stam>Bonus Armor>Mastery>Multi-strike>versatility>Haste>Crit and that makes sense to me.


In reading the updated bear tanking guild, that section refers the reader to "Ask Mr. Robot", which alludes to stat weight as Bonus Armor>Agility>Multi-strike>Mastery>Stam>Versatility. (I know you can adjust stat weight but i only use that for when a toon is Raid Ready and i am not quite there)


Additionally, both sites differ in how to chant and gem gear.  Icy Veins suggests Mastery while Mr Robot would prefer Multi-strike.  


My personal preference is the Mastery>Multi-strike due to Primal Tenacity and to some degree would like to see Mastery>crit>Multi-strike  because of the Primal Fury.


Versatility simply seems like the new mastery from Cata to me but Meh.


Any clarification would be greatly appreciated and thank you in advance for your time.

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I'm not much of a bear, but know a thing or two. 

You basically want to get to 10% or 15% multi (can't remember now) so you could keep your hp buff topped up. It is kind of a cap for the stat. 

As for mastery - it gives you more survivability. For early gearing (raiding) stages mastery is the way to go. The more you have of it, the tankier your fur is.

However, there comes a point, when you can just faceroll mythic bosses due to ridiculous overgear. And then you just want to clear them as fast as possible and mastery doesn't help. So Crit comes into play. 

As for bonus armor - you want it on every piece possible, as it increases both - your def and off abilities. 

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It depends on your tanking style and the type of damage you are taking. In my view, there are two valid priority lists. Well, three in a way. If you are taking a ton of magic damage, which is rare, there is no substitute for Stamina. If you want to recover from physical spike damage, then Multistrike, Crit and Haste are your Rage-boosting stats, which allows you to utilize your active mitigation more frequently. Getting up to the Multistrike soft cap also has the effect of maximizing your hit point pool. If you just want to reduce your passive damage taken, then you prioritize Bonus Armor and Mastery.


I don't raid anymore, but when I was, the Multistrike/Crit priority was always the one that worked the best. It's true that in terms of Simcraft numbers, Crit and Haste don't pencil out well. But they synergize well with the other Guardian abilities and open up the options for a skilled player. Besides being better for DPS, having enough Rage to use all of your tools when you need them, and act on your knowledge of the encounters, is a really big deal whether you are well geared or not. There's also value in being able to just shrug off damage, but I'll gladly trade off needing a bit more maintenance healing for that moment when things start snowballing against me, and I can help myself out with more self-healing or absorbs.

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Thanks all for the feed back.

@ Pinkis, do you recall if that is a buffed 10-15% or not on multi-strike?

I am currently stacking Mastery>Crit>Multi-strike as the secondary stat and an eye to bonus armor..  Some by design but mostly that's what the RNG gods have given me.

I have no survivability issues as of yet. Pulverize is EPIC.

What prompted this post is my DPS seems a little low, i hover around 15K with spikes upwards of 30K with groups of adds. 

I am thinking of dropping dream for HotW but i like the self heals when soloing.  i read someplace that MotW is a big DPS boost, but something tells me thats for kittys only.

Here is the armory.

i also don't have the ring yet which i am told is a HUGE boost to damage. 

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Currently our guardian has < 1k mastery and >1.5k multi and crit. I've googled a bit and got an idea that multi cap I've mentioned was relevant for 6.1 and generaly not used since 6.2.

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@pinkis, any chance of getting an armory of your guilds bear so i can see how hes been built?  give me an idea of how to move forward?

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Well, he's dps focused atm. So it's a bit different case from what you'd want for raid progression. I am currently on mobile, but look up macgregor on kazzak eu, skyward guild.

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