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Hey guys

So my wife has been progressing on Mythic Archi for a while with her guild and her dps is definitely on the low side. She is still not 100% used to the subtlety rotation so that's probably one of the reasons but I was hoping one of you could give some specific tips to increase her DPS on Archi.

Here's her armory (739 ilvl)

Here's some logs from today

Last week:

If anyone feels like they're willing to chat with her on mumble or something and give her some tips, that would be great too, I feel like that's probably the easiest way for her to learn and see what she is doing wrong/different.

I play a ret pally and have 0 experience with rogues so I can't tell her how to do sub, just trying to be a helpful husband here and help her out a bit. Doing low dps is definitely getting to her and it's stressing her out a bit.

Appreciate any help guys! Thanks

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Ok well before breaking anything down too much, I'd like to suggest working on her opener. 


I took a quick look through about 5 of the logs from the first set you linked - in each one of them, the opener is different. This leads me to believe that she isn't sure what she should be doing, and there weren't any logs from any other bosses to prove otherwise.


The opener should be:

  • Premed 11s before the pull
  • SnD 1s before the pull
  • Vanish + Prepot on the pull
  • Shadow Reflection
  • Rupture
  • Shadow Dance
  • Preparation (first free gcd inside Shadow Dance, normally with around 2.5-1.5 seconds remaining)
  • Vanish (after Dance

Practicing this and pulling it off properly is crucial, since it takes advantage of all your cooldowns and procs and multiplies them all with Soul Cap. Practice this on a target dummy for an hour or two minimum... I'm not kidding, the first 15-20 seconds of a fight should be complete muscle memory , since they shouldn't change at all every time.


I also checked the longest fight for uptimes on her maintenance spells - 81% uptime on Rupture is very very low, as is 91% on SnD (although it's better). I would suggest that an absolute minimum of 98% on both be a target to reach for, if not 100%.


If you want to pm me to talk in Mumble or whatever feel free, and we can try to set up a time

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Thanks so much, passed on the info, she'll be practicing it this weekend, I'll pm you her ID aswell, she should be available most of the weekend, pretty sure that having a chat with her on mumble would help her out even more. 

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