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Hearthstone Guide Section Overhauled For Whispers of the Old Gods

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Our Hearthstone decks and guides section has been overhauled so you can be ready for Whispers of the Old Gods and The Year of the Kraken.


It's launch day for Whispers of the Old Gods, and we're ready to go here at Icy Veins. We have many updated decks, and guides, to help you settle straight into your format of choice.

The first thing you will notice is that the Guide Page has been divided into Wild and Standard for each class. This should help you find the deck you are looking for more quickly.


Sottle has been working around the clock to have everything ready for release, and has provided a Legendary deck in Standard for every class apart from Druid. As always, he is not happy posting a list he is uncomfortable with. Therefore, Druid decks will follow as soon as he has had chance to test post-nerf with the class the took the biggest hit. The decks for other classes will be updated, and many more added, as the week goes on and Standard begins to unfold.

That's not all he has done, he has gone through every deck from the old meta and updated it for Wild play. This means the removal of nerfed cards if they have become unwieldy in a deck, as well as inserting new cards where required. More Wild decks will follow as soon as the Wild meta is defined. 

Of course, Arena will still be a big part of Hearthstone, and Sottle, with a little help from myself, has updated all of the Card Rankings for Arena play with the new cards. If it is your first time using the tier lists, be sure to check out the Guide to ensure you get the most out of them.

We wish you a happy and prosperous Year of the Kraken!
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Played a lot of Druid tonight, so a C'Thun deck for them is coming as soon as it passes editing. Also sent over C'Thun Warrior. You guys can expect at least 2 or 3 decks a day coming in for Standard for at least the first week. Playing Hearthstone and writing guides is all i'm doing right now :P

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